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ONSCREEN vs. Amazon Echo Show

In this era of digital technology, staying connected with our loved ones regardless of the distance has never been easier. For seniors, who often deal with feelings of isolation, these technologies offer a lifeline to their family and friends. Among the plethora of digital communication options, two stand out for their appeal to older adults: the ONSCREEN Moment and Amazon Echo Show. Let's take an in-depth look at these devices, weighing their pros and cons, and ultimately demonstrating why the ONSCREEN Moment shines as the superior choice for senior video calling.


woman enjoying tv video calling on onscreen

Born in Orange County, California, the ONSCREEN Moment is transforming how older adults engage with their families by turning a familiar household item – the television – into a powerful communication device. The Moment enables seniors to enjoy life-size, high-quality video calls directly from their TVs, creating a wholesome and immersive communication experience that resonates with the older generation.

One of the unique selling points of the Moment is the ease with which it enables communication. Answering calls, initiating outgoing calls, and even participating in Zoom meetings are tasks that can be accomplished directly from the TV. Its distinctive auto-answer feature, with a customizable 30-second waiting period, offers convenience while retaining control.

Delving Into the Features

The Moment offers a wealth of features specifically tailored to the needs of seniors, making it an outstanding communication device:

  • High-quality video calls on the TV: The large screen of a TV provides an unparalleled video calling experience compared to smaller devices. The high-quality video ensures seniors won't miss any smiles or expressions from their loved ones.
  • Simple one-button calls: User-friendly design is crucial for senior-focused devices. With the one-button call feature, the Moment allows seniors to initiate calls without any hassle, making it very user-friendly.

  • Auto-Answer feature: The Moment provides a seamless way for seniors to receive calls with an auto-answer feature. Seniors can customize a 30-second answer period, offering convenience while retaining a sense of control.

  • Ability to join or initiate Zoom meetings: By allowing seniors to join Zoom meetings directly from their TVs, the Moment fosters an inclusive environment where seniors can be part of group calls and family meetings.
  • Family Text Messaging: Family members can send messages to the TV, allowing seniors to stay updated with family news, or just receive a heartwarming message during the day.

  • Push YouTube Videos: Family members can also share YouTube videos and playlists with older loved ones.  These videos can be things like family videos, yoga training sessions, or pure entertainment.

    Despite its numerous benefits, the Moment has a few cons. It requires HDMI-CEC support from the TV for certain automated features, and may be challenging to install if the TV is wall-mounted. It also requires a stable Wi-Fi connection, and initiating a call from the device may be difficult if it's mounted high up. However, these issues can often be mitigated, such as initiating calls from the accompanying app.

    The Moment costs $19.99/month, with a $29.99 activation fee, but offers a 30-day trial before the subscription starts, allowing seniors and their families to assess its benefits and ease of use.

    Amazon Echo Show

    amazon echo show senior video calling

    The Amazon Echo Show, developed by Seattle-based Amazon, is a popular smart device that blends Amazon's Alexa speech recognition technology with a display screen. The Echo Show enables hands-free operation, with seniors able to initiate a video call by simply asking Alexa.

    The Echo Show is available in multiple screen sizes, ranging from 5 to 15 inches. However, even its largest size may feel limiting when compared to a full-sized TV screen. Additionally, the Echo Show restricts call receiving to other Echo devices or the Alexa app, somewhat narrowing its range of use.

    The Echo Show is multifunctional, capable of playing TV shows and films, updating on the latest news, and answering a myriad of queries. While such versatility can be entertaining for tech-savvy seniors, it might prove overwhelming for those seeking a simple video calling device.

    The cost of the Echo Show varies depending on screen size, with prices ranging from $84.99 for the 5" model up to $249.99 for the 15" model.

    Side-by-Side Comparison

    Feature/Spec ONSCREEN Moment Amazon Echo Show
    Design & Usability Designed to turn the TV into a video calling device, featuring an easy one-button calling feature. Voice-activated smart display device that might prove overwhelming for users seeking a simple video calling device.
    Video Quality High-quality video calls on the TV screen, creating a larger, more immersive experience. Quality video calls but limited to the device's screen size, which can be smaller compared to a TV.
    Call Handling Has an auto-answer feature with a customizable 30-second answer period. Allows hands-free calling but only to other Echo devices or the Alexa app.
    Extra Features Supports joining and initiating Zoom meetings, daily video message updates, and family messaging to the TV. Multi-functional device that can play TV shows and films, provide news updates, and answer queries through Alexa.
    Setup Connects to TV via HDMI and plugs into power; Wi-Fi setup is aided by a mobile app. Plugs into an electrical outlet and connects to the internet via Wi-Fi; requires setup through the Alexa app.
    Cost $29.99/month with a $39.99 activation fee. Offers a 30-day trial. Depends on the screen size; ranges from $84.99 to $249.99.
    Limitations Requires HDMI-CEC support from TV for certain features and may be challenging to install if the TV is wall-mounted. Limited call receiving to other Echo devices or the Alexa app. Its multitude of features may overwhelm less tech-savvy seniors.
    Best For Older adults who desire a simple, TV-based, high-quality video calling device. Tech-savvy seniors who would appreciate the multi-functionality of the device beyond video calling.


    Conclusion: ONSCREEN Moment Outshines Amazon Echo Show for Senior Video Calling

    While both the ONSCREEN Moment and the Amazon Echo Show are robust devices that enable video calling, the Moment is specifically designed for senior video calling, giving it a clear edge. Its design leverages a familiar device – the TV, simplifies call initiation with a one-button approach, and enhances the user experience with the auto-answering feature.

    The Echo Show, despite its multifunctionality, may overwhelm seniors looking for a straightforward video calling device. The multitude of features and commands could be confusing and frustrating to those less tech-savvy.

    The Moment, with its focus on simplifying video calling for seniors, is ideally suited for this demographic. Its features have been specifically designed with older adults in mind, ensuring the interface and functionalities are accessible and user-friendly.

    Investing in a communication device like the ONSCREEN Moment can significantly enhance a senior's life. It allows them to connect with their family in a life-sized and high-quality format, effortlessly and without the frustrations that often accompany technology. The ONSCREEN Moment doesn’t just offer a video calling device; it offers a lifeline, a means for seniors to stay engaged, feel loved, and remain an integral part of their family's lives.