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5 Fun Activities to do with Kids on a TV Video Call

5 Fun Activities to do with Kids on a TV Video Call

During this era of social distancing, more folks are getting familiar with video calling. Keeping children entertained and connected with others is no longer as simple as driving them to the park. Having a video call with friends is dubbed a safer alternative to in-person gatherings like play dates. It has become the new norm out of necessity, but will surely be an integral part of our daily lives as things get back to normal.

Having a video call on your TV allows you to come up with even more creative ways for children to keep in touch with friends and loved ones. Here are 5 fun ideas to do with kids on a TV Video Call.

Let’s jump in:

  1. Play some games
    Charades or children oriented trivia games are great ideas for a family game night that everyone can enjoy. There are many free apps you can quickly download on your phone and play together on the video call. There’s nothing like bragging rights expressed on the big screen!
  1. Virtual play date
    Just because you can’t drop off your little one at a friend’s house doesn’t mean playdates are over. It just means that they look different! Set up a virtual play date with friends they were used to interacting with prior to social distancing. Visuals go a long way and once they get started on playtime, it’ll be as if the screen was never there. Set out some coloring books and crayons and have them color together, or lay out some of their favorite toys and let their imagination take over.

  2. Have a virtual meal gathering with friends or family
    Prepare some easy to eat finger foods such as sandwiches, fruits, and if you like…even some goodies such as goldfish crackers or sweets. Just make sure it is easy to clean up in case of those accidental spills. Lay out a blanket and some pillows on the floor, setup a video call on your TV with ONSCREEN, and you got a virtual picnic in your living room. Bon Appétit!

  3. Take turns with other parents to have story time
    Setup a Zoom TV video call with another family and have one set of parents read through some of your children’s favorite books. Think of it as a win/win for everyone. A story time playdate for all the kids, and a virtual babysitter for one set of parents.

  4. Keep them active with exercise or stretch days
    What better way to stay both emotionally and physically fit than to exercise with friends! Your kids may not be able to get their wiggles out and run around a jungle gym together, so why not set up a virtual mini-gym in your living room. Here are a couple tips we thought might make it an even better experience.

    - Prepare a light workout routine for the kids during their TV Video Call workout. Keep it structured, but don’t make it ‘un-fun’ for the kids. Run through a few sets of different exercises such as jumping jacks, running in place and even some simple yoga stretches. All perfect for indoor exercises.

    - Dress the kids up! Make it an activity with the kids to get ready for the workout. Dress them up with fun accessories like headbands and silly (but functional) workout outfits.

    - Keep track of their activity. Staying healthy may be an afterthought for the kids, but you can keep them excited about future TV Video Workouts by keeping track of their fitness progress. Try to slowly increase the level of the workout each week. Maybe adding an extra 5 jumping jacks each time, or running in place for an extra 30 seconds. But be mindful of the progress of all the kids and implement accordingly.

    Mark it on a calendar what routine was done each week so your children can track their progress. Keep it fun for everyone and make sure not to make it a competition. Focus on the positives only and don’t overdo it for the little ones. You want to make this an enjoyable experience for all!


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