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How to Have a Successful One-on-One TV Video Call

How to Have a Successful One-on-One TV Video Call

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In this blog post we will cover how you can easily make a TV Video Call using your ONSCREEN Spark, with one other party, who is using the ONSCREEN App.

To set the stage, this post assumes that you are using the ONSCREEN Spark which you’ve successfully connected to your TV, while the other party is using the ONSCREEN Mobile App which they’ve downloaded to a tablet or phone device. 

Here’s how it will works:

1. Get Prepared

To get prepared, when you’re ready to have a call, have the other party install the ONSCREEN Mobile App from this link:


There are links to both Apple App Store and Google Play Store on that page.  They can install the app on the device they want to use.

Optional: They can register for an ONSCREEN account, so that their phone number is associated with our service, which will make calling them a little bit easier, but it’s not necessary.

TV Video Calls app

2. Make the Call

Once the other party has confirmed to you that they’ve installed the app, using a text message for example, you can proceed to call them from the ONSCREEN Mobile App.  If you’ve successfully connected your ONSCREEN Spark Device, then your Mobile App will show a screen similar to this (with your name, of course):

If you don’t see that screen, please visit our FAQ.

From this screen, simply click on “Call a Contact” and select the person you wish to have a call with, from your list of contacts.

  • If the other party has created an ONSCREEN account, then the call will simply go through.  If they have not, you will be prompted to send them a Text Message, which contains a link to your call. 

  • When they click the link, the ONSCREEN App will open, and the call will connect.  At this point, you will be able to see them on your TV screen, and they will see you on their tablet or mobile device.  You are now connected!


3. During the Call

On the ONSCREEN App you have a few simple controls: mute the mic, mute the camera, and hang up.  

There you have it -- very easy and simple! Be sure to share your TV video calling experiences in the comments or on any of our social channels -- don’t forget to include pics and videos! 

Got feedback or have questions? We are always looking to improve our product and support our customers.  Contact us at any time.


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