Introducing... the ONSCREEN Affiliate Program!

Introducing... the ONSCREEN Affiliate Program!

Introducing the ONSCREEN Affiliate Program! This program allows you to earn a 15% recurring monthly commission for the lifetime of each subscription you bring in. That means consistent income for you while providing a great service to your followers.

Why join the ONSCREEN Affiliate Program?

  1. Recurring Income: Earn 15% monthly commission as long as the users you referred keep their subscription. This is not just a one-time deal, it's a continuous income stream.
  2. Promote a Unique Product: The ONSCREEN Moment is an innovative and timely device that transforms a regular TV into a powerful communication tool. It is especially designed to keep older adults connected with their families through high-quality video calls and Zoom meetings, directly from their TV.
  3. Make a Difference: By promoting the ONSCREEN Moment, you are helping families stay connected and providing a simple and user-friendly tech solution for older adults. It's a product that has a positive impact on people's lives.
  4. Easy to Sell: With its affordable price, easy setup, built-in camera and microphone, and auto-answer option, ONSCREEN Moment is a great value proposition for your audience. The product also comes with a 30-day trial period, making it even easier to recommend.
  5. Support and Tools: As an affiliate, you'll be provided with all the necessary marketing materials and support to help you succeed in the program.

Don't miss this opportunity to be a part of a growing community committed to making communication easier and more accessible for everyone. Join the ONSCREEN Affiliate Program today and turn your influence into a steady income!

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Let's look at two potential scenarios for the ONSCREEN Moment Affiliate Program:

  1. Modest Success Scenario: Suppose you're just starting out and manage to refer 10 people in your first month. With a monthly subscription cost of $19.99, your 15% commission per user would be $3.00 per month. With 10 people, that would mean you'd be making $30.00 per month. If these 10 people keep their subscriptions active for a year, your annual earnings would be $360.
  2. High Success Scenario: Let's say your influence grows, and by the end of the first year, you've referred 200 people. At $3.00 commission per subscription, you'd be earning $600 per month. If these 200 people maintain their subscriptions for a year, your annual earnings would be $7,200.

And remember, as this is a recurring commission model, your potential earnings increase over time. The more subscribers you refer who keep their subscriptions, the more your monthly income grows!

So don't wait...

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