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ONSCREEN Version 1.5 is Live!

Hi folks!

We're really excited that we have a new version to share with you, which will make your ONSCREEN TV Video Calling experiences even better.  Here's what's in-store for you:

Mobile Apps - Our iOS and Android apps

  • TV Video Calling, video calls on TVCaller Profile Pics - you will now see the profile pics that you have on your mobile device when receiving or making a call, and they will also show up when you pause your video.
  • Passwords are now more easily shown/hidden in all the password fields
  • Easily see the versions of apps you're running
  • Calls will reconnect more reliably if there's a network glitch
  • Users can now see the version of their Spark and of their App
  • Font sizes are now standardized and don’t break the layout when different sizes are enabled
  • We fixed an issue with Zoom when advancing through multiple pages of gallery view
  • Zoom shows specific error messages for Invalid Code and Password so that you know what needs to be fixed
  • Fixed issue when trying to join a Zoom meeting that is not started

Spark App

  • Improved application updater
  • Added video and audio networking prioritization
  • Ethernet cable support - if you want to get wired in, now you can!
  • Minor bug fixes

We are hard at work constantly improving the product, so that you can stay connected with friends and family, through your biggest screen!  Have suggestions on what else you'd like to see in the product?  Just use the contact us form and drop us a message.

What's next?

We're already working on the next version of our app, 2.0, which will bring 2 really exciting features:

1. Group TV Video Calls through ONSCREEN

2. Start Zoom meetings on TV directly from your ONSCREEN Spark

Awesome right?  Talk to you soon!




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