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Staying Connected with Kids During COVID Quarantine with TV Video Calls

Staying Connected with Kids During COVID Quarantine with TV Video Calls

While self-quarantine is necessary for someone who has tested positive for COVID-19, the isolation and inconvenience of quarantine can weigh heavily on the mental and emotional state of the person who has fallen ill. And if you are a caretaker and need to quarantine away from those who depend on you, it can be especially daunting.

Quarantine away from kids

We spoke with a mother and ONSCREEN customer about her experience when faced with quarantining away from her toddler. Here is how she stayed sane and connected with her child during the 14-day period:

“It was rough,” said Panda Viera, an early ONSCREEN customer. “I have never been away from my little one overnight -- and to not hold her for 2 weeks was almost unbearable. On top of the heartache, I was extremely ill with COVID-19, and felt like I had been hit by a truck,” Ms. Viera said. 

Ms. Viera was fortunate to have an alternative place to stay during her self-quarantine, and her parents (both high-risk for COVID-19 complications) were able to care for her toddler back at home. 

“I missed my child, and worried every minute that she and my parents would also test positive since we all live together and they were exposed to me prior to my positive test,” said Ms. Viera. “Luckily, they never tested positive. But the fear and guilt definitely kept me up at night.”

Kids and quarantine

So, how did Ms. Viera’s daughter cope with quarantine? The young mom told us that seeing and hearing one another on the TV using ONSCREEN video calling on TV was a sanity-saver for both her and her child. 

“We had been using the ONSCREEN Spark for several weeks to video call our friends and family, and love the fact that it feels like we are all in the same room -- plus, my daughter isn’t able to grab and mess with the call like she does when we use my phone or laptop,” said Ms. Viera. “It was a no-brainer to use ONSCREEN during my time away.” 

Video calling on the TV

“The joy on her face when she would see me on the TV was something I’ll never forget,” said Ms. Viera. “Although I wasn’t physically there, I sensed she felt comfort in seeing me and speaking to me up close. She would even reach up and try to touch me on the TV. It was the highlight of my day during those 2 weeks,” Ms. Viera said.

Panda’s mom, Wendy, agrees that using the ONSCREEN Spark to connect on a daily basis was a great idea: “My goal during that time was to keep my granddaughter stimulated, comforted, and happy. I did not want her routine to be interrupted -- and I certainly didn’t want her to feel abandoned by her mom. Video calling with Panda on our TV was just what we needed, ” said Wendy.

Remote playdates

Remote playdates are sweeping the nation as an alternative to risky socialization between children. Parents everywhere are turning to video calling to maintain positive connections and keep busy minds occupied. In Ms. Viera’s case, the remote playdates were between her toddler and her.  The two of them would use ONSCREEN to read bedtime stories, sing songs together, practice A-B-Cs, or simply talk about the day. According to Ms. Viera, the ONSCREEN Spark was as close to real as it could get.

Coming out of quarantine

When Ms. Viera finally tested negative for COVID-19, she was back at home snuggling her “Cub.” She tells us that the family remains healthy and happy, and continues to connect with relatives and friends using the ONSCREEN Spark smart camera and app. 

We are thrilled to hear this, and grateful to Panda and Wendy for reaching out to us and sharing their story. The ONSCREEN family sends virtual hugs to everyone out there. We will get through this together -- united and connected.


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