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The Pros and Cons of TV Video Calls

The Pros and Cons of TV Video Calls

Video calling has been around for decades, usually on computers, then laptops, and then our handheld smartphones and tablets.  Most people are used to a quick FaceTime, Skype, or Messenger call on their mobile phone and it solves the problem of quickly seeing a loved one. 

However, having a truly engaging experience, where it feels like a visit with family (who may even live across the country), can only be achieved through the power of TV video calls.  This new technology makes it feel like you're in the same room with each other, with a thin pane of glass between your family and the other side.  At ONSCREEN, we've developed the Spark, as a very easy to set-up and easy to use TV video calling device that allows you to have the best experience for calls and Zoom meetings.  

Here are some of the Pros and a few Cons of TV video calls:

Pros of TV Video Calls

1. See everyone in full size, on the big screen
2. No need to hold the camera
3. No need to frame the shot, everyone's view
4. Audio is picked up even from the back of the room, for easy conversation
5. Hear the audio from the screen, just like watching a movie

Cons of TV Video Calls

1. You're not always near the TV
2. Some TVs might require tweaking audio settings to get everything initially working right
3. Some TVs might not easily switch ports to the TV call and back to the TV content

Here at ONSCREEN, we're working hard to eliminate all of the Cons.  For example, our upcoming release will include reading your mobile calendar and allowing you to join scheduled Zoom calls with just one click.  Scheduling is helpful to make sure that everyone's gathered around, just like they would be for a a real visit from friends and family.

For Con #3, more and more TVs now support HDMI-CEC, which is the technology that allows TV-based devices to interact and play nice with each other.  If your TV supports HDMI-CEC, the ONSCREEN Spark allows you to automatically switch ports when the call starts and ends, but there may still be the older sets that do not have this feature, or may have this feature disabled.  Our fantastic customer care team is available to help our customers navigate and solve this issue if it ever comes up.

So if you're looking for a truly elevated video call experience with your friends and family, we encourage you to try the ONSCREEN Spark, for the best video calls and Zoom meetings, on your TV.




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