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The Comfort of Evolving Technology

How Video Calls Saved the COVID Quarantine

When the coronavirus was classified as extremely contagious in early 2020, the CDC quickly recommended the American public to refrain from non-essential travel and those words inevitably became a mantra heard throughout 2020. These recommendations were made to help prevent the spread to vulnerable individuals such as elderly, those with existing medical conditions and more. The lingering question, “How will I get to see my loved ones safely during this pandemic” was answered by technology.

Time reiterates the late AT&T President Walter Gifford’s words spoken after receiving a successful video call from then - Commerce Secretary President Hoover, “[…] in due time it will be found to add substantially to human comfort and happiness.” Rightfully so, Time agrees with Mr. Gifford’s statement by conveying the significance of his words and how they are being fulfilled in present time. Since then, video chat, or video calling has evolved becoming more accessible to everyday folk and some may argue it may even be a staple in households.

Video Calls Get An Upgrade

There are many different ways to access video calls, such as smart phones, laptops, desktop computers, tablets... and now TVs. Yes, you read that right: video calls can now be accessed on your TV. 

In order to be able to access video calls on your TV, there are a few basic requirements such as a camera, HDMI connection, an internet connection, and a video calling platform or software.

There are many creative ways one can find on the internet to setup a system to have video calls on your TV. But most prove to be either too costly, are limited in functionality, or are painstakingly hard to setup. For example, a web cam can be purchased and mounted onto your TV, but you would then need to find a solution as to how to make the actual video call. You could integrate it into a computer, but this proves to be cumbersome and having a computer next to your TV stand isn’t very visually appealing.

Thankfully, technology adapts to the needs of society and the ONSCREEN Spark is an example of this. It is specifically designed to provide the best TV Video calling experience. It Integrates a TV, camera, and a video calling platform seamlessly. From a hardware perspective, the Spark consists of a base unit, and a slim mountable camera. Both designed to be functional, yet portable enough to occupy a low profile in your TV entertainment area.

ONSCREEN is not just hardware, it is an all-in-one TV Video Calling system. It is a software platform that allows you to call other TV’s that have the Spark installed via its ONSCREEN app. You can also call people that don’t have the system by having Video Calls from your TV to their mobile device. With constant software advancements such as the new Zoom TV calling capability, the user experience is kept fresh and up to date with market needs. But most importantly, ONSCREEN provides a secure TV Video Calling experience. With no social media accounts needed to connect to, end to end encryption, and a business model of not selling you ads or selling your data, ONSCREEN’s mission is to make your video calls as secure and private as possible.

So in a time of discomfort and unease, the natural evolution of technology still continues to provide some semblance of normalcy and comfort to society, this time as a TV Video call in your living room. Bringing people closer together and providing that real life experience just as it did almost a century ago in that New York auditorium.


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