ONSCREEN was founded by two friends and neighbors with a passion for solving problems.  During the COVID-19 global pandemic, Costin and Andrew realized that there was a need to have better video calls.  Small devices with small screens left much to be desired for their families.  Both entrepreneurs have young kids who love to run around, jump and try to grab the device during every video call with the grandparents, so there had to be a better way. 

Using Costin's video conferencing technology background and Andrew's years of product development experience, they set on a path to solve this.  Realizing that the biggest and best screen in the house was never used for communication, this was the Eureka moment. 

And from this realization, their first product emerged... the ONSCREEN Spark 1.0.  A very simple, affordable and easy to use TV video calling solution made for friends and families to communicate with each other.  And with Zoom integration, you can now take all of your video calls on your TV!

We believe that in a few years, all TVs will be a central point for family communication... join us as we build the future together!