Getting Started

Here's how to quickly set up your new ONSCREEN Spark and get started with TV Video Calls!

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Setup Video

Step 1

Connect the HDMI Port


Identify the Camera and it's USB connector.

Connect the Camera USB to the base through the USB-1 input. 

Place the camera on your TV, or wherever you'd like it situated. 

Use the clamp under the camera to secure it into place.

Make sure to open the privacy shutter.

Step 2

Connect the USB Port


Connect the Base box to your TV through the HDMI input. 

Plug one end of the HDMI cord into the Base, and the other into your TV.

Step 3

Scan the QR Code


Connect the Spark Base to power by plugging it in.

If you have not turned on your TV yet, now is a good time.

Now the Spark will turn on and you will see a screen asking you to scan our QR code. Note it may take a few seconds for the HDMI to switch over.

Switch the TV to the HDMI port that the Spark is connected to.

Step 4


Download the ONSCREEN app to your smartphone using the links above.

Then follow the steps below to finish installing your Spark.

As a new user, click "Sign up" 

Enter your Name, Email and Phone #, and click sign up.

Your account is now activated.
Click "Set up a ONSCREEN Spark on your TV" to continue.

Your WiFi will auto-detect. Enter your password and click continue.

A flashing QR Code will appear on your phone. Hold the QR image 10-12" in front of the camera. This connects the device to your WiFi.

Once connected via the QR Code, confirm the requested device permissions. 

Once all the permissions are confirmed.
You are ready to make a video call!

Step 5


Once you've configured the device using the QR Code, the system will now update.
Please give it 20-30 minutes to complete. You may need to do the QR code step again.

Simply click the "Device" button on the ONSCREEN Mobile App to configure the QR code again. 


The basic setup is now complete.