Setup Instructions

Here's how to quickly and easily connect the ONSCREEN Spark to your TV:  

Connect the HDMI Port


Connect the Spark Camera to the base through the USB input.  Place the camera on your TV, or wherever you'd like it situated.

Connect the USB Port


Connect the Spark Base box to your TV through the HDMI input.  Plug one end of the HDMI cord into the Spark Base, and the other into your TV.

Scan the QR Code


Connect the Spark Base to power by plugging it in. Now the Spark will turn on and you will see a screen asking you to scan our QR code.

Setup Your Account


Download the ONSCREEN app to your smartphone and create an ONSCREEN account via the app. Follow the instructions on your screen to set up your account!

(Coming soon)

Once this initial setup is complete, you can start a call! You have the flexibility to make calls directly through the ONSCREEN app using your Contacts OR you can make calls directly from your smartphone contact list without the use of the app, by simply clicking the ONSCREEN option next to your contact name.

Positioning the Camera

Depending on where your TV is located, you can attach the camera to the top of your TV using the included clamp, or you can have the camera rest on a media center under the TV. The important this is that you have the camera near the TV, so that when you're looking at the party you're talking to, the camera captures you looking in their direction.

The clamp that comes with the Camera is very versatile and will allow you to position and attach the camera to a variety of TVs, regardless of their shape and depth. If you have any challenges with this, please don't hesitate to contact our customer support!