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ONSCREEN connects seniors and their families, easily and safely through the use of the TV for video calls.  We make it easy to get connected and stay connected better than ever before.

Take a look at how we're helping families stay connected.

TV Based Video Calling for Seniors

Using the TV as a communication tool, grandkids look as big as life, and conversations with grandparents happen more often without technology getting in the way.  No more fiddling with small touchscreens or confusion about what to do... video calls  on TV through ONSCREEN just work.

You call from your mobile device, and their TV answers automatically.

We know that technology can get confusing, we've all been there.  That's why we design for maximum ease of use. We even have "Easy Mode" which allows a senior to place a call with a single tap.  Our products require almost no interaction with the technology from the senior, ensuring nothing can go wrong.

Easy Video Calling for Seniors

Always answers when you call, even turning the TV on, and switching inputs automatically.

Video Calling for Seniors with Auto-Answer

For complete piece of mind, ONSCREEN can answer calls from friends and family automatically after 30 seconds. This makes it the perfect solution for checking in on loved ones -- it's just like stopping by. 

ONSCREEN can even turn the TV on, and switch it back to the previous TV content.  This is ideal for folks who are less tech oriented or may not even own a smartphone.

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ONSCREEN Spark: TV Video Calling Smart Camera
ONSCREEN Spark: TV Video Calling Smart Camera

We Built this Service for Your Family

Get everything you need to enable your aging parents make and receive video calls directly from their TV, eliminating technical barriers, while using the biggest and best screen in their home.  Click below to learn more.

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What's Included in our Solution for Aging Families

ONSCREEN Spark Video Calling Device

The ONSCREEN Smart Device

The ONSCREEN "Moment" is a very smart device that attaches to the TV using the provided HDMI cable, and connects to the available WiFi.  It comes with a 1080p HD quality camera that is able to capture a wide angle of the room, as well as dual-microphones to pick up all the action.

The ONSCREEN Family App

Our mobile app, which works on iOS and Android, and both smartphones and tablets, is used for a number of things: It is what you use to complete the set up, and it is how you make video calls to them.  You can also receive video calls through this app, invite others to be able to call your older loved ones, and configure all the features of the product.

Free Video Calling for Seniors

Learn how we help your loved ones.

From being able to check in at any time with a loved one, to COVID-safe family gatherings on your parent's biggest screen, ONSCREEN provides many benefits.  Read on to learn of all the ways you can use our technology to improve outcomes with your aging parents.

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Meet Moment: Our Latest Solution for Senior Video Calling

Mar 21, 2023

ONSCREEN has launched Moment, an all-in-one senior video calling solution designed to make it easier for older adults to stay connected with their families and caregivers. Moment automates every aspect of the call for the older adult, making it easy to use with a simple installation process.

CES 2023: AgeTech, Tech for Seniors and Beyond...

Jan 09, 2023

This year I had the pleasure and opportunity to check out CES 2023 back in Las Vegas.  I was very eager to see the innovations in AgeTech, and I was not disappointed.  But if you’re wondering what exactly AgeTech is, here’s a great read on it.

When A Parent Needs Care - 4 Practical Options for Caregivers

Dec 16, 2022

ONSCREEN’s gerontology advisor, Dr. Kerry Burnight provides another thoughtful and helpful guide to navigating aging — this time for the caregiver of a parent.  Explore the 4 options that she outlines in providing care for an aging parent who’s starting to need more care.

Feature Announcements: Share YouTube Videos and Daily Updates for Senior Video Calling

Nov 04, 2022

We're announcing two really great improvements to our platform: YouTube Video Sharing and Daily Update.  These two features allow you to not only video call with loved ones, but also keep them engaged with video content, and automatically check in on them on a regular basis.

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