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Life-sized Grandkids on your TV

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Safe and Secure TV Video Calls

Our commitment to privacy and security means your family is safe.


You've found the safest and best video calling device... for your TV.

We've reinvented your video calls. Get comfortable on your couch, in front of your big screen TV, and connect with friends and family like never before. We give you everything you need to join Zoom calls, or simply call a loved one from your TV. Get started today!

The Best Video Calling Experience

Keeping in touch with your loved ones has never been more challenging. We make connecting better with affordable, secure, high-quality video calling on your largest screen. And the best part is, we won't collect your data and try to sell you ads. 

We keep it simple and secure, so you can keep in touch.

TV Video Call Device

Video Calls Made Simple

Plug in the ONSCREEN smartcam, download the app, scan the QR code, and you’re set! Whether you're making or receiving calls from an iOS, Android, or browser-based device, we have you covered. 

Best part? ONSCREEN smartcam devices are not required for both callers. 

TV Video Calling App - make video calls from your TV

Secure Video Calling on Your TV

Your privacy is our top priority. Unlike other video call vendors, we'll never sell your data or serve you with ads to make a profit. That's not our style. Every ONSCREEN call is secure with end-to-end encryption. In addition, our devices come equipped with a lens cover when your smartcam is not in use. 

Rest assured, with ONSCREEN your conversations stay between you and your loved ones.

Safe and secure TV video calls


“There’s something really special about talking to my extended family on our huge 77” TV with such great picture quality. What a game changer. Thanks ONSCREEN!

Our family loves Onscreen! When our daughter contracted Covid-19, she had to leave our granddaughter in our care. Having the big screen to communicate made all the difference. I love the fact that you can call someone from your contacts, and it is easy to use!

Onscreen allowed my family and me to sit together comfortably during our extended family’s weekly zoom call. Before Onscreen,I had to figure out how to configure my camera so everyone can be in the shot with a good angle no less ! It’s a sleek device that looks small but makes a big difference . Also makes a great gift for anyone !

"The Spark has taken our communication game to the next level by allowing us to use the biggest screen in our house to have great quality video calls”

"Seeing my family on the big screen, and not having to wrangle my kids to gather around my iPhone is amazing! ONSCREEN is saving my sanity on every family video call!"

"I was so impressed with the video quality and how easy it was to get started making my first call."


Meet the ONSCREEN Spark smart camera.

  • HD Video

    High-quality video with up to 1080p resolution. You may not be in the same room, but the ONSCREEN video calling experience will make you feel like you are.

  • Security

    End-to-end encryption and privacy for every call, plus a camera lens cover for peace of mind. Unlike other video calling vendors, we will never collect your data or try to sell you ads.

  • Family Fun

    Take your quality time to the next level with group calls, party games, trivia, and more. The ONSCREEN Spark smartcam makes video calling fun for the whole family.

  • Easy Access

    The ONSCREEN App is available on iOS and Android, and allows you to share calls with anyone from your TV or mobile device.