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Try Our New Products for Free

Try Our New Products for Free

Hello and welcome! 

At ONSCREEN, we're constantly innovating and looking for ways to improve the lives of families and their seniors.  We are looking for families who want to stay in touch more easily, and make advanced communication technologies available to the seniors in their circle, such that family video calls, doctor video calls and participating in virtual community events becomes easier and higher quality.  Will you join us in our journey to build the best technology for keeping families and seniors connected?

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What's In the Pilot

By participating in our pilot programs, you and a senior in your family will each get one of our smart communication devices, the Spark, that let the senior easily conduct video calls, Zoom meetings, and doctor visits on their TV.  You would get this for free, in exchange for feedback on how the product is working.

What We're Looking For

To be a great fit for our pilot programs, we need you and your family to meet the following criteria:

  • Ideally, both you and your senior live in one of these Orange County cities: Irvine, Tustin, Santa Ana, Costa Mesa or Newport Beach (if you're outside this area, please sign up anyway, we may expand the program soon)
  • You are or have a 70+ year old senior living at home alone, not in a care facility
  • You are a a 40+ adult child of the senior who has concerns about your parent’s well-being
  • The senior must have high-speed WiFi in the home
  • The senior must have a HDMI-CEC enabled TV (most TV less than 10 years old do)
  • The adult child must have the ability to install the Spark and set it up OR you're OK with having an ONSCREEN team member can install the Spark in your senior's home
  • Willing to complete 3 short surveys during the 60 day pilot and take up to 3 calls from our team

If you're accepted in our pilot program, you'll get free access to our new technology that makes staying connected much easier.

How to Apply

If you're interested in our program, please click here to sign up.