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How does ONSCREEN help my aging parents?

Senior Video Calling with Auto-Answer

Loneliness is a pandemic

When your parents live alone, they are at a higher risk of loneliness, which can increase the changes of serious diseases like depression, anxiety, heart disease and stroke.  Making it easy for them to stay connected to you and your family reduces their changes of loneliness and those other risks.

Track Wellbeing Over Time

Having regularly scheduled video calls helps you easily see how your parents are aging, right before your eyes.  With the wide view of our camera, you can see how they manage around their living room, their walking and general physical state.  This is something that handheld devices cannot provide you.

Senior Video Call Recording Feature
Senior Well-being Digital Check-in

Automated Check-ins

When you're not able to call every day, you can set up the ONSCREEN service to check in with your loved one on a set schedule.  It will record a 30 second video, at a time you agree on with your loved one, and you can see their daily update, just for you.

Let us help you explain ONSCREEN to your loved ones.

We know technology can be confusing, and change is hard.  For that reason, we've put together this simple 1-page PDF that you can share with your loved one to let them know about the benefits of the ONSCREEN solution.

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Invite the Entire Family

You can help your aging parents keep in touch with the extended family by inviting everyone to your Favorites circle.  They will be able to have video calls just as easily with them, keeping everyone connected.

Family Video Calls
Grandkids Video Calling with Seniors

Even Grandkids Can Call

If the grandkids are getting old enough to have their own smartphones, they also can be invited into the ONSCREEN app, and they can call grandma and grandpa directly, fostering a closer and long lasting relationship, that will be cherished for generations.

SilverSCREEN Favorites

Private And Secure

Our platform is a closed system that doesn't interact with other 3rd party providers for user authentication or software updates. ONSCREEN manages all aspects of your smart camera with a keen focus on security.

Healthy Family Visits

Remove worries about the spread of COVID or other pathogens by keeping your visits virtual, yet just as engaging as an in-person visit.  Grandkids can still show off their moves, and grandpa doesn't have to fiddle with complicated technology.

Covid Safe Video Calling for Seniors

See "Auto-Answer" in Action...

We've designed our products to be as simple as possible for seniors.  This means that when you want to call your aging parent, they can receive a video call in their home without having to touch any technology.  ONSCREEN is able to turn the TV on, show a 30 second message that a loved one is calling, and then connect the call.  It's just like stopping by for a visit, from the comfort of grandma's couch.

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