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This product has allowed me to keep my mother-in-law in her home by giving me the ability to virtually visit her several times per week and providing me peace of mind. The price point is incredibly fair, and the support was very helpful getting started.


I ordered OnScreen for my 92 year old mother and I must say, that out of all the other products I used in the past to maintain contact with her, OnScreen is the BEST! When I ran into some issues with the initial setup (my issues, not OnScreen's) I called their customer service and spoke with Jerry, who was very patient and kind and helped me get everything set up. I would recommend OnScreen to anyone looking for a reliable way to be able to contact loved ones!


My dad loves it! I live a 12hr drive away and the system helps us connect better than ever before. I even chat with him when on top of a mountain skiing, biking, hiking, etc. Its opened up a whole new way to connect that we never had before :)