TV-Based Telehealth, Medication Adherence, RTM and Chronic Care
for Older Adults

Reduce technical barriers to telehealth, improve outcomes, and reduce risk for your older patient population.

Senior Video Calling with Auto-Answer

TV as a Healthcare Hub

ONSCREEN brings a revolutionary approach to patient care by turning the familiar television into a comprehensive healthcare management tool. This innovative system allows for seamless telehealth sessions and health check-ins, all through the TV screen. It's an intuitive, accessible solution that integrates healthcare into the daily lives of patients, making management of their health as straightforward as watching their favorite show. With ONSCREEN, the TV becomes more than just entertainment; it's a gateway to enhanced health and well-being.


Revolutionizing Healthcare with Joy, Our AI Companion

Embrace the future of healthcare with Joy, our advanced AI assistant, designed to revolutionize patient care. Joy utilizes cutting-edge GPT technology for natural, conversational interactions, enabling the automation of tasks like medication reminders, wellness checks, and health assessments. This not only enhances patient engagement but also allows your healthcare team to scale their efforts more effectively, reducing staff burnout. With Joy, your organization can offer consistent, attentive care, ensuring no patient need goes unaddressed.


Improve Staff Efficiency

Our solution enables healthcare professionals to conduct virtual visits with patients, significantly reducing the need for time-consuming travel. This frequent, remote engagement not only enhances patient satisfaction and health outcomes but also provides staff with more time to focus on essential in-person care. Embrace a more efficient workflow and foster greater peace of mind for both your team and your patients with ONSCREEN.

Patients using ONSCREEN are Less Lonely and Happier

Our customer surveys show an 80% perceived reduction in loneliness, and a 50% improvement in happiness. 

Wouldn't you want that for your patients?


Enhance Care with RTM

ONSCREEN takes Remote Therapeutic Management (RTM) to the next level by enabling patients to record video responses to specific prompts directly through their TV. This innovative feature provides healthcare professionals with valuable, real-time insights into patient conditions, behaviors, and needs. Nurses and doctors can access these video recordings at their convenience, offering a more dynamic and personalized approach to patient monitoring and care. This tool not only improves the efficiency of healthcare delivery but also fosters a deeper connection between patients and their care teams, ensuring high-quality, responsive treatment.


Maximize Revenue with RTM

By integrating ONSCREEN's RTM capabilities into their practice, doctors can unlock a new revenue stream while enhancing patient care. RTM allows for the efficient monitoring of patients' health and adherence to treatment plans through video recordings and interactions. This proactive approach not only improves patient outcomes but also qualifies for reimbursement under many healthcare plans, including Medicare.

By offering RTM services, doctors can increase billable activities without the need for additional in-person appointments, thereby optimizing their schedule and revenue potential. This innovative tool not only elevates patient care but also provides a financially beneficial model for healthcare providers.


Enterprise Management

Our robust and enterprise grade management portal allows your IT staff to easily manage 10, 100, 1000 or even 10,000 ONSCREEN devices deployed in your practice or membership.  Simple, browser based controls brings scale and ease of use.

Senior Well-being Digital Check-in

Easy to Deploy to Patients

Our system includes only 1 simple and small piece of hardware that connects to the patient's TV, and only requires a good quality internet connection.  Once connected, your staff uses our mobile and web applications to connect with your patients.

Family Video Calls

Family Calls for Better Health

Studies have shown that loneliness and social isolation can be as detrimental to health as smoking 15 cigarettes a day, significantly impacting both mental and physical well-being. This isolation can accelerate cognitive decline and contribute to a host of health issues. ONSCREEN offers a lifeline against these challenges by providing an easy and engaging way for seniors to connect with family, friends, and healthcare providers right through their TV.

Grandkids Video Calling with Seniors

Even Grandkids Can Call

Your patients will greatly value this added benefit that keeps family connections strong.  If the grandkids are getting old enough to have their own smartphones, they also can be invited into the ONSCREEN app, and they can call grandma and grandpa directly, fostering a closer and long lasting relationship, that will be cherished for generations.

Covid Safe Video Calling for Seniors

Healthy Visits

Remove worries about the spread of COVID, Influenza, RSV or other pathogens by keeping your visits virtual, yet just as engaging as an in-person visit.  

Win-Win Business Model

As an innovative and cutting edge company, we're open to exploring business models that deliver tremendous value to your organization.  To learn more, schedule a demo with our team and we can explore the best path forward together!

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