Simple and
Affordable Pricing


After the trial, pay only


for as long as you keep the service.

Includes unlimited mobile callers

No long-term contract, cancel anytime

$19.99 Activation & setup fee


Everything you need to get your senior parents connected:

High quality camera and mic for your loved one's TV

Calling and auto-answer features

"Easy mode" to let them easily call you

Daily video updates to see how they're doing

Personal setup and onboarding help to get started

Friendly and knowledgeable customer support

Constant improvements over time

Free mobile app for unlimited calls and callers

How it works, in detail...

Pay $19.99 activation fee today to get started. We will call you to confirm your order, then quickly ship the Spark hardware to your (or a loved one's) home, to connect to the TV.  You'll receive the unit in 3-5 business days.

Our 30-day trial ensures you're fully satisfied with our service, starting from the date of purchase. If you're not happy, contact us for a full refund and a shipping label to send back the Spark hardware.

After your trial completes, you will be charged only $19.99 per month for our service.  The service continues until you decide it's no longer needed.  You only pay for the Spark device -- callers using our mobile app are free.

You can end your subscription anytime, and return the Spark device to us using the free shipping label we provide.


  • If you end your subscription, you must return the Spark hardware device.
  • If you don't return the Spark device within 30 days of ending your subscription, you will be charged a fee of $60.
  • The returned device should be in good working condition, free of defects and blemishes.  If not, we may charge a $60 fee.

Questions?  Please contact us!

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