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Zoom better with the ONSCREEN Spark 

Life Sized Zooming

With the ONSCREEN Spark, you can now enjoy your Zoom meetings or calls on your big screen TV, seeing everyone in full size -- and truly experience the moment.

No need to gather everyone around a tablet or laptop anymore.  Using your iOS or Android smart phone, you're able to join or start Zoom meetings directly on your TV.  Once connected, you're able to control various aspects of your Zoom meeting, all from your phone.  

So take a load off and share some laughter with loved ones both near and far. 

Easy, Convenient, and Full Featured

With Zoom directly integrated into our ONSCREEN app and Spark device, you can enjoying your next Zoom call on your TV with ease.

Get started with these features:
Start Zoom meetings
Join Zoom meetings
Control type of view (Gallery / Speaker)
Mic and Camera control
Raise Hand
Send and receive Chat messages from Zoom on your TV
Join scheduled Zoom meetings on your Calendar

Perfect for:
Virtual Family Gatherings
Online Classes
Virtual Fitness
And More

Ready to learn more?

Check out this quick clip on how Zoom works on the ONSCREEN Spark


“There’s something really special about talking to my extended family on our huge 77” TV with such great picture quality. What a game changer. Thanks ONSCREEN!"

James W

Our family loves ONSCREEN! When our daughter contracted Covid-19, she had to leave our granddaughter in our care. Having the big screen to communicate made all the difference. I love the fact that you can call someone from your contacts, and it is easy to use!

Wendy K

Onscreen allowed my family and me to sit together comfortably during our extended family’s weekly zoom call. Before ONSCREEN,I had to figure out how to configure my camera so everyone can be in the shot with a good angle no less! It’s a sleek device that looks small but makes a big difference. Also makes a great gift!

Sanzie B

I was so impressed with the video quality and how easy it was to get started making my first call.  We also use Zoom for our workouts -- it's very motivational to see everyone on the big screen!

Janel B

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