Our mission is to keep your older loved ones connected.

ONSCREEN’s solution helps maintain a close connection with aging parents and loved ones, respecting their independence and dignity. Every call is like a personal visit, allowing you to nurture your relationship while supporting their well-being at home, or in a care facility.

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TV Video Call Device

High Quality Video Calling on the TV

Older adults can enjoy conversations with family (especially those cute grandchildren), friends, even doctors using their large TV screen.  ONSCREEN simplifies video calls, eliminating complicated devices and confusion about what to do. When it is so easy to connect, calls with family and friends can happen much more frequently!

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Automatic Answering

ONSCREEN can answer calls automatically after 30 seconds, making it the perfect solution for checking in on loved ones. ONSCREEN will turn the TV on (if it’s off) or switch from a TV program to connect to the call, and then return the TV to its original state. Ideal for older adults who are not tech-oriented, struggle with other devices, or just simply can’t hear a phone ringing.

Get Your Loved One On Zoom... Easily!

Make it easy for your loved one to join virtual family gatherings, Zoom classes, and community events directly from their TV. As a caregiver, you can easily set up and schedule their TV to join any Zoom meeting on the calendar as needed.

Zoom family video calls look amazing on the TV, and there's no more need to squint around that small device or deal with passwords, logins and updates.

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Automated Checks-Ins

Get peace of mind that your loved ones are OK with automated wellness checks that visually show you how they're doing. Set a specific time of day for your loved one to receive a "How are you doing today?" message on their TV. They can then record a 30-second video message for you. A great way to extend caregiving when you can’t be there in person.


Text, Photo & Video Messages on TV

ONSCREEN allows you to send text messages, photos and videos directly to your loved one’s TV screen! Use the app to type a short message and it is delivered to your loved one whether their TV is off or they're watching a show. Send reminders about upcoming events and medical appointments, or share a fun family update.

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Invite Family, Friends, and even Doctors

Invite all those important to your loved one to join in, no matter where they live, by adding them to the Favorites list in the app. Invite family, friends, caregivers, and even doctors! Once added they get an invite to join. Don’t worry…you can set ONSCREEN to accept calls only during specific hours to avoid surprises.  Best of all -- it's FREE!


Private and Secure

ONSCREEN is a closed system that doesn't involve third-party logins or software updates. Only approved contacts can call your loved ones, ensuring there's no spam callers, no invasion of privacy, and no confusion. Plus, the built-in camera shutter closes and microphone mutes for complete peace of mind, if desired.

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Share YouTube Videos

Have you ever wanted to share an inspiring, educational, or funny YouTube video with your loved one but it was always a challenge because of technological barriers? Now you can! Create a YouTube playlist for your loved one and add more videos any time you want!

Easy and Free Calling

With an ONSCREEN subscription, calling aging parents or loved ones is easy on a phone or tablet. Approved callers use the free app on their device and an existing cellular or Wi-Fi connection. The loved one’s TV automatically answers. Connecting is just a quick tap away from anywhere!

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Click-to-Call Simplicity

If they prefer, older adults can also initiate calls. The ONSCREEN device includes a handy Call button, enabling them to proactively connect with family, friends, and caregivers at their convenience.


Easy Video Messages from Your Loved One

If your loved one tries to call using the Click-to-Call feature and can't reach you, they can leave a video message to explain their needs. Once you are available, you'll be able to see and hear their message in our mobile app.


No Messy Switching

Using our unique HDMI Passthrough technology, we're able to turn the TV On and switch TV inputs automatically, meaning that your call always gets through.

This means that when you call, the TV will automatically switch to the call, and then switch right back when the call ends.  No confusing input changing, and everything is seamless.

Automated Checks-Ins

Get piece of mind that your loved ones are OK with automated wellness checks that show you how they're doing.  Set up a specific time of day, and your loved one will be prompted with a "How are you doing today?" message on their TV.  Then they can record a 30-second video message for you to see.  Checking in has never been easier!

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NEW!  Introducing Moment "PLUS" features!
For loved ones who are a little more savvy, we created some exciting new capabilities to offer not only our simple TV-based calling, but also some extra fun features for communication, entertainment, and companionship!


Simple Remote Control

Introducing our senior-friendly Remote Control: simple design, intuitive color coding, and minimal buttons. With one press, seniors can video call, enjoy free shows on Pluto TV, chat with “Joy” our AI Companion, or send a "Check-In" video message. This tool simplifies tech and empowers seniors, bridging communication and entertainment.


Joy, our AI Virtual Companion

Meet “Joy” ONSCREEN's AI Companion who is always available and ready to interact with your loved one via their TV screen. With Joy, ONSCREEN takes a significant step towards combating loneliness and isolation, ensuring every older adult has a friendly companion to talk to. Joy loves to talk about anything your loved one is interested in - sports, weather, gardening, history..the topics are endless!


Automated Reminders

Set up timely and scheduled reminders that show up on the TV as just the right time.  Medication reminders, doctors appointments, family visits -- now all can be popped up on the TV and never missed.


"Joy" Powered Healthy Routines

"Joy", our AI companion, can be set up to check in on your loved one at any time of the day, and any day of the week.  You can set up morning, afternoon and evening medications checks, and get peace of mind that your loved one is adhearing to their prescriptions.  Or simply set up "virtual visits" a few times per week to give your loved one stimulating chats with an amazing virtual friend.

Amazing?  We agree!


Check-In Results and Alerts on Mobile

Get full visibility on Joy's Routine Check-Ins on topics of wellness, medication adhearance, meals, and more.

And if Joy determines that a meal was skipped, or a medication was not taken, you can receive an alert on your mobile device, informing you of the potential issue.

To close the loop, you can hop on a video call with your older loved one, and instantly see what's going on.  That's how we deliver peace of mind.


Streaming Entertainment

Enhance your loved one's entertainment with ONSCREEN's latest addition: Pluto TV integration. Using our simple, user-friendly remote, seniors can easily explore Pluto TV's extensive channel lineup, from classics to news. We've simplified streaming, ensuring a seamless experience that bridges the gap between connectivity and entertainment.


TV-Based Calling

Give your loved one the power to call family members anytime they want using the Simple Remote on their TV. They can select any "Favorite" contacts you've set up, and if no one's available, they can leave a video message via the mobile app.

See ONSCREEN in Action

We've designed our products to be as simple as possible for seniors.  This means that when you want to call your aging parent, they can receive a video call in their home without having to touch any technology.  ONSCREEN is able to turn the TV on, show a 30 second message that a loved one is calling, and then connect the call.  It's just like stopping by for a visit, from the comfort of grandma's couch.

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How Do You Get Started?

We make it easy with online ordering, fast free shipping, a 30-day trial, and a fantastic support team with you the entire journey.

Order the product and start your trial.

After you confirm details with our support team, we ship the product to you in about 1-2 business days.

When you receive it, you can set it up on your own, or schedule a call with our customer support to walk you through the setup.

Set-up is as easy as A-B-C

Hook up to the TV.

Use the mobile app to complete setup.

Show your loved ones how it works.

Invite other family members to call your aging loved one.

Have a video call!

You call from your mobile device at any time.

Mom receives your call automatically on her TV, from the comfort of her couch.

What exactly is the ONSCREEN device?

Our co-founder, Costin Tuculescu explains what the ONSCREEN Moment hardware is, and how it can help your loved ones to stay connected with friends, family and caregivers.  Watch the 4 minute video below.

How do you set it up?

Take a look at this 1 minute video to see what's included with your ONSCREEN subscription and how easily it can be set up.

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