Our mission is to keep your family connected.

ONSCREEN's solution provides everything you need to stay close with your aging parents, while not infringing on their independence and dignity. Every call is like a personal visit, giving you a chance to keep forging great memories, while ensuring they continue to thrive in their home.

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Private and Secure 

Our service is a closed system that doesn't interact with other 3rd party providers for logins or software updates. Only you and your family can call your loved ones, ensuring there's no spam callers, no invasion of privacy, and no confusion.

Secure Video Calling for Seniors

Only your older loved one needs the ONSCREEN device. 
Callers simply use their smartphones or tablets.

Free Video Calling App for Seniors

Free Calling for Family

Calling your aging parents happens easily using your mobile phone or tablet, and they receive it on their big screen TV.  You're able to call them using cellular or Wi-Fi connections, so seeing your parents is always just a tap away.  You call from your mobile device, and their TV automatically answers the call.

Automated Checks-Ins

Get piece of mind that your loved ones are OK with automated wellness checks that show you how they're doing.  Set up a specific time of day, and your loved one will be prompted with a "How are you doing today?" message on their TV.  Then they can record a 30-second video message for you to see.  Checking in has never been easier!

Automated Wellness Check for Seniors
Video Calling for Seniors and Families

Only for Family and Friends

Who are the most important people in your loved one's life?  Simply add them to their Favorites list, and these folks become available with the tap of a finger. Once added to this list, other features become enabled, like Easy Mode and Auto-Answer... And for safety, other callers cannot call them.

Join Zoom Meetings

Make it easy for your loved one to join extended family gatherings, Zoom classes, and community events directly from their TV.  As a caregiver, you can automatically join their TV to any Zoom meeting.  And for more technical users who track their Zoom meetings on their calendar, our integration makes it easy to join a scheduled Zoom meeting with just one tap.

Join Zoom Meeting from TV for Seniors
Free Video Calling App for Seniors

Free Family App

Our ONSCREEN App makes connecting your family easy by allowing you to invite other family members like siblings and grandchildren, so that the entire family can easily call at any time -- using only their mobile device.  The app is free to download and use.

See ONSCREEN in Action

We've designed our products to be as simple as possible for seniors.  This means that when you want to call your aging parent, they can receive a video call in their home without having to touch any technology.  ONSCREEN is able to turn the TV on, show a 30 second message that a loved one is calling, and then connect the call.  It's just like stopping by for a visit, from the comfort of grandma's couch.

Is ONSCREEN for your loved ones?

We've prepared a simple quiz with just a few questions that will help you determine if ONSCREEN is for you.

How Do You Get Started?

We make it easy with online ordering, fast free shipping, a 30-day trial, and a fantastic support team with you the entire journey.

You order the product and start your trial.

After you confirm details with our support team, we ship the product to you in about 1-2 business days.

When you receive it, you can set it up on your own, or schedule a call with our customer support to walk you through the setup.

Set-up is as easy as A-B-C

Hook up to the TV.

Use the mobile app to complete setup.

Show your loved ones how it works.

Invite other family members to call your aging loved one.

Have a video call!

You call from your mobile device at any time.

Mom receives your call automatically on her TV, from the comfort of her couch.

How do you set it up?

Take a look at this 1 minute video to see what's included with your ONSCREEN subscription and how easily it can be set up.

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