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TV Based Video Calling for Seniors

Connect with Loved Ones

Using the TV as a communication tool, grandkids look as big as life, and conversations with grandparents happen more often without technology getting in the way.  No more fiddling with small touchscreens or confusion about what to do... TV video calls through ONSCREEN just work.

Easy by Design

We know that technology can get confusing, we've all been there.  That's why we design for maximum ease of use. We even have "Easy Mode" which allows a senior to place a call with a single tap.  Our products require almost no interaction with the technology from the senior, ensuring nothing can go wrong.

Video Calling for Seniors with Family
Free Video Calling App for Seniors

Mobile App Calling

Calling your aging parents happens easily using your mobile phone or tablet, and they receive it on their big screen TV.  You're able to call them using cellular or Wi-Fi connections, so seeing your parents is always just a tap away.

Private and Secure

Our service is a closed system that doesn't interact with other 3rd party providers for logins or software updates. ONSCREEN manages all aspects of your smart camera with a keen focus on security.

Secure Video Calling for Seniors
Video Calling for Seniors with Auto-answer


For complete piece of mind, ONSCREEN Spark can answer calls from friends and family automatically after 30 seconds. This makes it the perfect solution for checking in on loved ones -- it's just like stopping by. 

The Spark can even turn the TV on, and switch it back to the previous TV content.  This is ideal for folks who are less tech oriented or may not even own a smartphone.

SilverSCREEN Favorites

Private And Secure

Our platform is a closed system that doesn't interact with other 3rd party providers for user authentication or software updates. ONSCREEN manages all aspects of your smart camera with a keen focus on security.

Automated Wellness Check

Get piece of mind that your loved ones are OK with automated wellness checks that show you how they're doing.  Set up a specific time of day, and your loved one will be prompted with a "How are you doing today?" message on their TV.  Then they can record a 30-second video message for you to see.  Checking in has never been easier!

Automated Wellness Check for Seniors
Video Calling for Seniors and Families

Only for Family and Friends

Who are the most important people in your loved one's life?  Simply add them to their Favorites list, and these folks become available with the tap of a finger. Once added to this list, other features become enabled, like Easy Mode and Auto-Answer... And for safety, other callers cannot get in!

Join Zoom Meetings

Join Zoom classes, family gatherings and community events directly from your TV. And if you have them on your mobile calendar, they are listed and can be joined with a single tap.  Coming Soon: Hands-Free Automatic Joining of Zoom Meetings.

Join Zoom Meeting from TV for Seniors
Free Video Calling App for Seniors

Free Family Caregiver App

Our ONSCREEN App makes connecting your family easy by allowing you to invite other family members like siblings and grandchildren, so that the entire family can easily call at any time -- using only their mobile device.  The app is free to download and use.

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See "Auto-Answer" in Action...

We've designed our products to be as simple as possible for seniors.  This means that when you want to call your aging parent, they can receive a video call in their home without having to touch any technology.  ONSCREEN is able to turn the TV on, show a 30 second message that a loved one is calling, and then connect the call.  It's just like stopping by for a visit, from the comfort of grandma's couch.

How do you set it up?

Take a look at this 1 minute video to see what's included with your ONSCREEN Spark and how easily it can be set up.

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