With a passion for innovation and entrepreneurship, ONSCREEN's founders, Costin Tuculescu, Andrew Blue and Jerry Norton came together to deliver a solution that makes it simple and easy to have great connections with friends and family, from your living room.

While on this journey, they found something even more profound: Studies show that approximately 25% of older adults are socially isolated and 43% have reported feeling lonely. These percentages continue to increase as the pandemic keeps us at home, but even in a post-pandemic world, these risks adversely affect quality of life and longevity. However, studies have also shown that video calling technology can support a stronger sense of connection among older adults.

What started as something that might simply improve video calling experiences, turned into a mission to help the some of the most vulnerable members of our society to have happier, longer, and better quality lives. It's this mission and purpose that propels the company forward! We hope you join us on our mission.

ONSCREEN connects seniors and their families, easily and safely through the use of the TV for video calls. We make it easy to get connected and stay connected better than ever before.

Andrew Blue - CEO of ONSCREEN

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New ONSCREEN Features: Pinch-to-Zoom and Auto-Landscape Mode

Our latest release brings two new features to make your video calls from a mobile device to a Spark device even better.  Pinch-to-Zoom and Auto-Landscape lets you take full advantage of your screen space and see everything more clearly.

New ONSCREEN Feature: Caregiver Mode

Caregiver Mode is here to help you stay connected more easily with the seniors in your life.  Setting up Caregiver Mode makes video calling them on their TV easier for both sides, and it enables you to invite others on behalf of the senior as well as other capabilities.  Try it today.

Company Advisors

Brian Berning, MBA

Senior care industry expert and former CFO of GreatCall, now Best Buy Health.

Jay Grant, MBA

Senior care marketing expert and former VP of Marketing of GreatCall, now Best Buy Health

Kerry Burnight, PhD

Author, Speaker and Nationally renowned aging expert and senior advocate.  Founder & CEO at The Gerontologist, Inc.

Jeff Huber

Home Instead CEO Emeritus and Honor Chief Brand Officer

Ken Hayes

Technology executive, investor and business builder, with numerous executive and entrepreneurial roles.

Michael Mann, MHA

Age-tech healthcare influencer who is passionate about empowering the lives of older adults and family caregivers.

Michael Farino

US and international public relations, marketing communications, brand management and digital marketing.

Gaurav Mathur

Partner at Silicon Legal Strategy,  focused on representing technology startups, startup founders, and venture capital and angel investors.

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