Bring the World to Your Parent’s Living Room with
ONSCREEN Virtual Live Events!

With ONSCREEN Virtual Live Events, you can enrich your parent's daily routine by bringing the world to their living room. Our diverse range of interactive activities—from virtual travel and live music to meditation and exercise—ensures your loved ones stay engaged, active, and connected. Give them the gift of new experiences and meaningful connections, all from the comfort of their own home.

virtual events for seniors

Multiple Events per Day

With ONSCREEN, your parents can enjoy a vibrant schedule filled with multiple events every day. From morning meditation sessions and midday educational workshops to afternoon social hangouts and evening entertainment, there's always something engaging and exciting happening. This diverse range of activities ensures that your loved ones remain active, connected, and entertained throughout the day. ONSCREEN's easy-to-use interface makes it simple for seniors to join any event they choose, providing them with endless opportunities to explore new interests and stay socially connected, all from the comfort of their own home.


Interactive Health and Wellness 

Promote a healthier lifestyle for your parents with ONSCREEN's Interactive Health and Wellness Sessions. From guided meditation and yoga classes to stretching exercises and fitness routines, these sessions are designed to keep seniors active and improve their well-being. ONSCREEN makes it easy to participate in live, interactive sessions that are tailored to their needs, helping them stay fit and mentally sharp.


Live Music and Entertainment

Bring live music and entertainment directly to your parent's TV with ONSCREEN's Live Music and Entertainment feature. They can enjoy performances from musicians such as classical guitarist and flamenco. With high-quality video and sound, ONSCREEN ensures that every event feels like a front-row experience, keeping your loved ones entertained and engaged.


Virtual Travel Experiences

Older adults can explore the world from the comfort of their living room with ONSCREEN's Virtual Travel Experiences. Whether it's a scenic tour of Paris, a walk through the streets of Tokyo, or a visit to the Grand Canyon, your loved ones can enjoy immersive travel experiences without the hassle of leaving home. ONSCREEN makes it easy to bring the wonders of the world to their TV screen, sparking joy and curiosity in their daily lives.


Engaging Social Hangouts

Keep your parents socially connected with Social Hangouts. These virtual gatherings provide opportunities for your loved ones to meet new friends, participate in group discussions, and enjoy interactive activities. Whether it's a book club, a trivia night, or a casual chat, ONSCREEN helps seniors stay socially active and build meaningful connections.

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Easy Registration and Automatic Start

With ONSCREEN, keeping your parents engaged has never been easier. Users can effortlessly register for events from a curated list of upcoming activities, ensuring they always have something to look forward to. At the scheduled time, the event starts up automatically, so your loved ones don't have to worry about navigating complex menus or remembering start times. This seamless integration makes it incredibly easy for older adults to join and enjoy a variety of events, enhancing their daily routine with minimal effort.


A Daily Dose of Wellness

Regular social connections significantly enhance seniors' overall well-being by reducing loneliness and lowering levels of depression and anxiety. These interactions also stimulate cognitive function, promoting better memory and thinking skills, and encourage a more active lifestyle, which is beneficial for physical health. With ONSCREEN's Virtual Live Events, your loved ones can enjoy these vital health benefits, staying engaged, active, and connected every day.

Health Benefits of Daily Social Connections for Seniors

Daily social connections offer numerous health benefits for seniors, significantly enhancing their overall well-being. Regular interaction with others helps reduce feelings of loneliness and isolation, which are common issues among older adults. This social engagement has been linked to lower levels of depression and anxiety, contributing to better mental health.

Additionally, staying socially active can improve cognitive function. Engaging in conversations, participating in group activities, and learning new things stimulate the brain, which can help maintain memory and thinking skills. Social connections also encourage a more active lifestyle, whether through shared physical activities or simply getting up and moving around more frequently to interact with others.

Moreover, daily social interactions provide emotional support, which is crucial for managing stress and maintaining a positive outlook on life. Feeling connected to a community or group can enhance a senior's sense of purpose and belonging, leading to greater happiness and life satisfaction.

Overall, the health benefits of daily social connections for seniors are profound, positively impacting their mental, emotional, and physical health. ONSCREEN's Virtual Live Events provide an excellent platform for fostering these connections, ensuring that your loved ones stay engaged, active, and connected every day.

How does it work?

First, you will need an ONSCREEN device set-up for your older loved one’s TV. This will allow you to do many amazing things, such as have easy video calls, family Zoom sessions and even AI check-ins.

Once you’ve ordered the ONSCREEN device, sign up for one of our Live Event packages, listed here:

The Loop Village

$49.99 / month

Your older loved one can enjoy up to 5 events per day including meditation, tai chi, Loop Cafe, mind and body connection, performances, and more, brought to you by The Loop Village.

Discover Live: Sightseer Plan

$19.99 / month

2 Tours per Month
Take virtual tours of the world with up to 2 tours per month, from a selection of 8 tours, brought to you by Discover.Live.

Discover Live: Tourist Plan

$49.99 / month

5 Tours per Month
Take virtual tours of the world with up to 5 tours per month, from a selection of 8 tours, brought to you by Discover.Live.

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