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TV-Based Video Communication, Companionship, and Care for Senior Living

Simple yet powerful technology to reduce isolation & loneliness, improve health outcomes and boost efficiency and profits.

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Senior Video Call Recording Feature

Improve Staff Efficiency

Empower your staff to virtually check in with residents and patients, eliminating costly travel time.  Check in as often as needed, and create more peace of mind for your staff, while increasing satisfaction and health outcomes for your residents.  This allows your staff to free up for critical functions where a remote engagement is not possible.


AI Automation

Using Joy, our AI Companion and Assistant, your organization can partially or fully automate things like medication reminders, wellness visits, health assessments, and more.  Using natural conversation powered by the most powerful GPT models, our AI technology can help scale your current staff and reduce burnout.

Senior Video Calling with Auto-Answer

TV as a Communication Hub

We believe that the TV is the most comfortable and effective communication medium for older adults with cognitive decline or technology barriers.  Our hands-free solution allows incoming calls and virtual check-ins to happen easily, without frustration or headache.  Empower your team and family stakeholders to easy connect with residents and patients through their in-room TV.

ONSCREEN Users are Less Lonely and Happier

Our customer surveys show an 80% perceived reduction in loneliness, and a 50% improvement in happiness. 

Wouldn't you want that for your residents?

Senior Video Call Recording Feature

Telemedicine Visits

Using telehealth integrations, automated joining of Zoom sessions, direct 1-1 video calling, and putting the entire experience on the TV, we remove all technical barriers for older adults and technically challenged individuals.  Improve health outcomes with regularly scheduled telehealth visits that always work.

Senior Well-being Digital Check-in

Automated Video Check-ins

Use ONSCREEN's video recording feature to check in with residents and patients on a set schedule, automating this time consuming task.  It will record a 30 second video, at a time you choose, and deliver a video to the caregiver for review.


Announcements & Notifications

Easily send a bulk message to all of your residents' TVs with a simple push of a button in our Enterprise Manager portal.  Using the TV to deliver your announcements, reminders and notifications is a sure way to get your message delivered.

Senior Video Call Recording Feature

Live Video Broadcasts

Deliver organizational updates to all stakeholders using Zoom meetings and automated joining and participation by residents of any age or technical ability.  Provide weekly updates on menu choices, make announcements about policy changes, or run virtual bingo night!  With ONSCREEN, bringing your entire facility together into one virtual event is easy and automatic!

Senior Well-being Digital Check-in

Easy to Deploy and Maintain

Our system includes only 1 simple and small piece of hardware that connects to the resident's TV, and only requires a good quality internet connection.  Once connected, your staff uses our mobile and web (coming soon) applications to connect with your residents and set up various programs.


Enterprise Management

Our robust and enterprise grade management portal allows your IT staff to easily manage 10, 100, 1000 or even 10,000 ONSCREEN devices deployed in your community.  Simple, browser based controls brings scale and ease of use.

Explain ONSCREEN to your residents and stakeholders.

We know technology can be confusing, and change is hard.  For that reason, we've put together this simple 1-page PDF that you can share with residents and stakeholders to show the benefits of ONSCREEN.

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Family Video Calls

Include the Entire Family

For residents who've recently relocated into senior living, you can improve their experience and reduce anxiety by providing them and their families with ONSCREEN's easy to use solution.  Improve stakeholder NPS responses, create a best-in class resident experience and win over new customers with this ground breaking new technology.

Grandkids Video Calling with Seniors

Even Grandkids Can Call

Your residents and stakeholders will greatly value this added benefit that keeps family connections strong.  If the grandkids are getting old enough to have their own smartphones, they also can be invited into the ONSCREEN app, and they can call grandma and grandpa directly, fostering a closer and long lasting relationship, that will be cherished for generations.

Covid Safe Video Calling for Seniors

Healthy Visits

Remove worries about the spread of COVID, Influenza, RSV or other pathogens by keeping your resident visits virtual, yet just as engaging as an in-person visit.  Grandkids can still show off their moves, grandpa doesn't have to fiddle with complicated technology, and your organization triumphs as family and resident satisfaction soars.

Win-Win Business Model

For senior living organizations, we make getting started incredibly easy. Our business development teams are always open to creative custom solutions to ensure your organization sees positive outcomes. 

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