Increase Engagement and Reduce Isolation for your Senior Living Community.

Connect Seniors with Caregivers, Family and Friends through our simple TV-based Communications Platform

Managing the care of many senior individuals comes with a lot of effort and hard work. Keeping their quality of life trending in the right direction relies on many factors – some of which are the simple things, like frequent check-ins with caregivers, friends and family – which are often hard to do.

To solve this, ONSCREEN has developed a technology platform to make it incredibly easy and simple to allow seniors to stay connected: TV-based Video Calling, Zoom Virtual Events, and More.

Our platform offers many benefits to operators of senior living communities, such as:

  • Reducing loneliness among seniors
  • Reduce negative health side effects of isolation, such as depression, heart disease and increased mortality
  • Increase productivity of staff by making 2-way video calls simpler and more effective
  • Improved quality of life for community members
  • Expanded event offering through virtual online events
  • Send messages and reminders through TV (coming soon)

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As dementia progresses, balancing safety concerns and maintaining independence becomes a more pressing matter. Auto-Answer from ONSCREEN provides a solution that helps address this issue and provides added peace of mind.

1. Safety Checks
Individuals with dementia that live alone are prone to increased safety risks such as falls, and the potential to get lost when wandering. Using the Auto-Answer feature, a caregiver can automatically connect to the TV of the person living alone. Giving them a direct view into the room where the ONSCREEN device is setup. Allowing them to ensure that no safety issues are present.

2. Auto-Answer for scheduled calls
 As a caregiver, schedule a daily TV Video Call to say hello! At the agreed upon time, call in and show up automatically on the TV. Using the TV Video Call will not only allow you to catch up, but also allow you to observe any potential mannerism changes caused by dementia. Should the person not show up for the Video Call, it could also be a cause for concern and allow the caregiver to make immediate arrangements to check on them.


Providing Safety and Peace of Mind

Life Sized Video Calls

Addressing Isolation and Loneliness

1. Increasing Family Connections

We make it easy to connect, anytime, and anywhere you have Wi-Fi or cell phone coverage. Tearing down barriers that allow for more frequent interaction.

Conveniently call at any time from your phone to an ONSCREEN connected TV, where you will be as big as life in their living room.

2. More Meaningful Calls

For an even more magical connection, use your own ONSCREEN device to have a TV to TV call to feel like you’re in each other’s living room.

Watch Grandkids reenact their latest school performance in real-time, at the comfort of your own homes.

Be there, even when you can’t be.


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