ONSCREEN Inc. was founded in June 2020, during the COVID pandemic, upon the realization that connecting with friends and family, especially older members of our families, was still a challenge.  Small screens, awkward viewing angles, bad lighting, and poor framing all made for bad video calling experience.  In addition, every call our founders made with older members of the family involved a 20 minute technical support session.  We asked ourselves... can there be a better way?

With a passion for innovation and entrepreneurship, ONSCREEN's founders, Andrew Blue and Jerry Norton set on a path to answer this question and deliver a solution that makes it simple and easy to have great connections with friends and family, from your living room.

But on this journey, they found something even more profound: Studies show that approximately 25% of older adults are socially isolated and 43% have reported feeling lonely. These percentages continue to increase as the pandemic keeps us at home, but even in a post-pandemic world, these risks adversely affect quality of life and longevity. However, studies have also shown that video calling technology can support a stronger sense of connection among older adults.

So what started as something that might simply improve video calling experiences, turned into a mission to help the some of the most vulnerable members of our society to have happier, longer, and better quality lives.  It's this mission and purpose that propels the company forward!

We hope you join us on our mission.

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