ONSCREEN Inc. was founded in June 2020, during the COVID pandemic, with a simple question in mind:

Why are we not using our biggest screen in the house to have personal and meaningful connections with our loved ones?  

With a passion for innovation and entrepreneurship, ONSCREEN's founders, Andrew Blue and Jerry Norton set on a path to answer this question and deliver a solution that makes it simple and easy to have great connections with friends and family, from your living room.

Andrew's background in business started over 20 years ago, in consumer electronics and product creation.  He's passionate about helping customers, building great solutions to real problems, and bringing unique products and features to market.  Andrew is father to 2 young kids who keep him busy at all times, in addition to his new baby, ONSCREEN.

Jerry's technical background goes even further back than that, with relevant experiences building audio/video conferencing platforms for the likes of GoToMeeting and OneTok.  A pragmatic engineering executive with a successful track record of strategy, design and development of complex, scalable cloud-based products on platforms that include mobile clients, web portals, video, audio and multimedia.

Together, they've built a team and a company to bring the future here.  Using ONSCREEN's products, we hope that our customers will have better, deeper, and more meaningful connections, in their homes.  We're also very passionate about making sure our products protect your privacy and safety, and also help you connect and keep in touch with the older members of your family, removing any technology barriers.

We hope you join us on our mission to connect the world better, by purchasing an ONSCREEN Spark and using it to make better connections.

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