Introducing: Moment PLUS

Communication, entertainment and companionship all-in-one.

After working with our customers for over a year, we're launching a set of features and capabilities that will delight and amaze you!
Take a look at all that's available in the new Moment PLUS.

Free Video Calling App for Seniors

A Virtual Companion

Introducing ONSCREEN's "AI Companion," a groundbreaking feature designed to redefine companionship for seniors. This virtual companion, named "Joy", is always available to appear on your screen, and ready to converse at any moment.

Dive into enriching conversations spanning topics from gardening and hobbies to books and music. Beyond just discussions, the AI Companion serves as a source of comfort, significantly reducing feelings of loneliness and isolation. Activating this world of companionship is as effortless as pressing a single button on your remote. With the AI Companion, ONSCREEN takes a monumental step towards combating loneliness and isolation, ensuring every senior can have someone to talk to.

A Variety of Personas

Choose from a range of personas, be it a young woman, an older woman, or even the comforting presence of a wise puppy, kitty, or teddy bear. Each persona is crafted to offer varying levels of comfort, ensuring that every senior finds a match that resonates with them.

A virtual friend that gets to know your loved one...

  • Let Joy know about your loved one's interests
  • Provide topics that they do not want to talk about and avoid
  • Give Joy information about the extended family so that conversations can be more meaningful
  • Choose the Joy's look, including furry friends like "Joybark", "Joyfur" and "Joybear"
  • Each character has their own voice and unique personality

Customize the experience

The ONSCREEN mobile app allows you to easily customize the experience for your loved one, and provide context.

Built for simplicity

  • Starting a conversation with Joy is as simple as pressing one button on the remote
  • Joy appears on the screen, reviews past conversations, and is ready to chat
  • Your loved one can ask questions about any topic, such as gardening, books, music, history, inventions and so much more
  • When ready to go, your loved one just says "Ok bye", "I have to go" or any other phrase indication that they're leaving, and the AI will wrap up

Simple Remote Control

Introducing our new Remote Control for seniors that we designed to be super simple with intuitive color coding and minimal buttons.  With just one press, seniors can video call loved ones, explore free shows on Pluto TV, engage with our AI Companion, or initiate a heartfelt "Check-In" video message.  This tool not only simplifies technology but also empowers our senior users, bridging the gap between communication and entertainment.

Streaming Entertainment

Elevate your loved oneโ€™s entertainment experience with ONSCREEN's newest integration: Pluto TV. With a single press on our user-friendly remote, seniors can effortlessly access a vast array of channels on Pluto TV, from timeless classics to the latest news. We've simplified the world of streaming, ensuring our users enjoy a rich tapestry of content without the complications, bridging the gap between connectivity and entertainment.

Remote Based Calling

Empower your loved one to be able to call out to anyone in your family circle, directly from their TV, any time they want, using the new Simple Remote.  They can choose any of the "Favorites" that you've set up for them, and if they're not available, your loved one will be able to leave them a video message that will appear in their mobile app.

And of course, your loved one will also receive all of these great existing Moment benefits:

Free Calling for Family via Mobile App

Automated Answering

Automated Health Check-Ins

YouTube Video Sharing

Easy Video Messages from your Loved One

HD Video Calling with Family

Join Zoom from TV with Ease

Text Messaging to the TV

Great Customer Support

All of these amazing capabilities
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