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CES 2023: AgeTech, Tech for Seniors and Beyond...

CES 2023: AgeTech, Tech for Seniors and Beyond...


Hi guys... Costin here... This year I had the pleasure and opportunity to check out CES 2023 back in Las Vegas.  I was very eager to see the innovations in AgeTech, and I was not disappointed.  But if you’re wondering what exactly AgeTech is, here’s a great read on it.

Without any further ado, here are some of the highlights that stood out to me:

Dance4Mobility CES Booth
Dance4Healing - This company is bringing the power of dance to help reduce the risk of dementia by up to 76% through online classes and workshops.  Rooted in neuroscience and clinical research, Dance4Healing uniquely combines behavior design and patent-pending artificial intelligence (AI) to tailor to varied mobility and needs, make creative arts therapy accessible to all, and reduce isolation and loneliness.


RAZ Mobility - I got to hang out for a few with the CEO and COO of this interesting company, who’s on a mission to simplify communication for older adults with cognitive decline – much like ONSCREEN!  Their solution provides a very easy-to-use communication-focused Android phone that has been optimized for use by older adults with memory loss, Dementia, Alzheimer's, or seniors who prefer a simple experience.  I was very impressed with their focus on simplicity and key use cases, making their technology very approachable and user-friendly.  Way to go, guys! 


Essence USA – The Essence team was a very charming and friendly group (even greeting me in my native Romanian tongue!), and their technology was equally impressive.  Providing a comprehensive suite of smart home monitoring devices, developed for the needs of seniors, Essence is a leading innovator in the space with global footprint and over 75 million connected devices!  Very impressive!


Electronic Caregiver - This was another incredibly impressive company in the smart home and remote monitoring space who had a very exciting launch of their latest product – Addison Care.  Addison is a state-of-the-art, 3D virtual caregiver “designed to transform a residence into a digital Smart Health Home, providing chronic care management, rehabilitation, aging in place, behavioral health, and care coordination, for patients of all ages.”  Given the recent popularity of ChatGPT, I think the timing of this launch is absolutely brilliant and it gives the world a glimpse into the future of aging in place… assisted by AI caregivers and helping us thrive longer.

Addison Care senior health care assistant

Housptl - I had a chance to speak with the team from Housptl about their interesting SaaS platform for hospitals, nursing homes or private healthcare platforms.  Their software allows their customers to provide appointment management, book vaccinations, do telemedicine visitor, order lab tests, do location tracking, and much more.  It was very refreshing to see a pure-play B2B SaaS mobile platform at CES, and I wish Matt Payn and his team much success!

Mighty - This was one of the most polished workout apps I’ve seen, and what’s best is that they’re targeting adults over the age of 50, and provide personalized 1:1 coaching and expert advice.  Their program includes daily workouts and holistic health guidance to improve overall health outcomes.  As a part of the AARP AgeTech Collective, I have a feeling they’re going places!

AIT Care - I enjoyed chatting with CEO Ravi Joseph Kota about his startup, AIT Care, which brings AI-based fall detection to low-cost video camera devices.  I felt some great synergies here as this is a very interesting area for us here at ONSCREEN where we’re frequently looking at ways to deploy AI to improve outcomes for our customers.


Seth Rogen and Lauren Miller Rogen at CES 2023
HilarityForCharity.org - Seth Rogen and his lovely wife Lauren Miller Rogen were featured on an entertaining yet very impactful panel hosted by AARP CEO, Jo Ann Jenkins.  They did an excellent job of humanizing the challenges, and outright pain of watching loved ones live with Alzheimer’s and dementia and spoke about what they’re doing to raise awareness and funding to fight these debilitating diseases.  If you haven’t checked out their cause yet, I highly recommend it.



Steve Case and AARP COO Scott Frisch at CES 2023
Steve Case’s and his new book “Rise of the Rest” - Joining a session moderated by AARP COO Scott Frisch, Steve Case (founder of AOL and many other amazing things) talked about the disparity that exists in venture funding, with 75% of all funding going to just 3 metros: Silicon Valley, New York and Boston.  He makes the case for a broader distribution of funding in our country, and his book “Rise of the Rest” expands on this through various road trips that Steve and his team took, as well as showcases how entrepreneurs throughout the country are “building the American Dream.”

AARP AgeTech Collaborative - The clear and beaming hub of all things AgeTech at CES, AARP’s booth showcase numerous startups and innovations in the aging space, as well as provided access to AARP’s team to provide answers and guidance to startups and entrepreneurs.  Their presence showcased the incredibly large and growing opportunities in this space and left this entrepreneur inspired and driven to keep building bigger and better solutions for our aging population.

It's interesting to note that I didn't see any solutions that simplify video communication and engagement for older adults and seniors, but maybe I missed it.  Considering that many seniors are socially isolated and have difficulties leveraging existing video calling technologies, it's good to know that ONSCREEN is providing a differentiated value proposition compared to other solutions on the market.

Overall, this year’s trip to CES was energizing and inspirational, seeing so many folks driving innovation and growth around the AgeTech ecosystem.  Here’s to starting 2023 with a bang! 🎉


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