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Mary Furlong on Senior Video Communication Devices and Solutions

Mary Furlong on Senior Video Communication Devices and Solutions

I recently had the privilege of sitting down with Mary Furlong, a renowned AgeTech thought leader and senior industry veteran, to discuss various topics, such as easy access to telemedicine and the role of technology in improving the lives of seniors. As the CEO of ONSCREEN, Inc., I am passionate about creating user-friendly solutions that empower seniors and their families to stay connected and reduce feelings of isolation. Our conversation shed light on the importance of making TeleMedicine more accessible, as well as the broader implications of designing technology with seniors in mind.

During our conversation, we touched on the challenges seniors often face when using technology, and the importance of designing products that are intuitive and easy to use. Mary shared valuable insights into how ONSCREEN is addressing these concerns, making our TV-based video calling solutions a game-changer for seniors and their loved ones. We also discussed the potential of our technology to transform TeleMedicine by breaking down barriers and simplifying the process for both patients and healthcare providers.

Mary's enthusiasm for our technology was inspiring, and her overall impression of ONSCREEN's solutions was extremely positive. It was truly an honor to discuss these crucial topics with someone who has dedicated her career to championing the needs of seniors and advancing the AgeTech industry. I am confident that our discussion will provide valuable insights to others in our field, and I invite you to watch the full interview below. Together, we can continue to push the boundaries of innovation and create a better future for seniors and their families.


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