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New Feature: ONSCREEN Dance Off!

New Feature: ONSCREEN Dance Off!

Introducing "ONSCREEN Dance-Off" – the hilariously entertaining new feature that turns seniors' video calls into a lively dance competition, encouraging them to showcase their best moves and groove to the beat!

ONSCREEN Dance-Off injects a healthy dose of fun and exercise into every video call, providing seniors with a unique way to stay active, connected, and entertained.

Key features include:

  1. Dance Roulette: Users can spin the Dance Roulette wheel to randomly select a dance style or era, from disco fever to the Charleston craze.

  2. Choreography Coach: ONSCREEN's animated dance instructor, Jitterbug Joe, guides seniors through each dance routine, offering step-by-step tutorials and helpful tips.
    Jitterbug Joe

  3. Dance Duel Mode: Seniors can challenge their friends and family to a friendly dance-off competition, complete with a virtual cheering audience and scoreboards.

  4. Disco Lights: Transform your living room into a dance floor with ONSCREEN's customizable disco lights, adding extra flair to every video call dance party.

  5. Senior Superstar Showcase: Every month, ONSCREEN Dance-Off users can vote for their favorite dance performances, crowning one lucky senior as the "ONSCREEN Dance Superstar."

    ONSCREEN Dance-Off is a delightful way for seniors to stay active, laugh, and bond with their loved ones over a shared love for dance. Just remember, this is all in the spirit of an amusing April Fools' Day joke – for now!  

    Happy April Fools!

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    Apr 02, 2023 • Posted by Thomas

    Love it! Keep up the good work!

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