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ONSCREEN Enhances Video Calling for Seniors and Caregiver Offering to Help Reduce Isolation

ONSCREEN Enhances Video Calling for Seniors and Caregiver Offering to Help Reduce Isolation

Hi Folks, this is press release that we put on the wire on April 28th... enjoy!

Former Grandpad chief gerontology officer joins board of advisors as company rolls out affordable subscription service


YORBA LINDA, Calif. - April 28, 2022 - ONSCREEN, a high-tech startup focused on connecting families and seniors through life-sized video calling experiences on their TVs, announces a deeper focus on senior care, a new offering to support the senior care market and their caregivers, and a new senior advisor to the company.


An Emerging Public Health Crisis

According to the CDC, social isolation and loneliness are an emerging public health crisis that is uniquely affecting our growing older population, with 24% of adults over the age of 65 considered to be socially isolated.  This condition greatly increases certain health risks, such as a 50% increased risk of dementia, and a 32% increased risk of stroke, and there is strong evidence that social isolation significantly increases a person’s risk of premature death.  In addition, family caregivers who are away from their aging parents, be it 10 minutes or 10 hours away, struggle to see and hear exactly how their parents are doing at a given moment. This makes it tough to get a real assessment of their health and overall situation on a regular basis.


New Onboarding Experience and Affordable Monthly Subscription Service

To help combat the powerful negative effects of social isolation in the older adult population, ONSCREEN’s technology and business model is increasingly geared towards making sure families stay in touch easily and that there’s a high level of communication and awareness about how the older adult is doing.  The company is rolling out a concierge setup and onboarding experience called, ‘Whiteglove Assist,’ that all new customers can use to get the solution set up at the older adult’s home and get their family circle fully connected.  The company’s representatives are available to assist in the successful configuration of the TV video calling device for seniors, home network configuration, and app configuration to get extended family members able to easily call and stay in touch with the older adult(s) in question.


Part of this new initiative, the company’s offering is now a monthly subscription service, for the affordable price of $9.99 per month, which starts after a 45-day trial.  This new subscription model makes it easy to get started with and continue to benefit from the TV video calling platform. The company plans to roll out several new caregiver focused features in the coming months, with a vision of constantly enriching the service, and incorporating customer feedback.  Getting started with the service requires a $19.99 activation fee, which covers the cost of shipping and account setup.  The monthly subscription only applies to customers that have the ONSCREEN Spark senior video calling device, and not to any of the users that are video calling them through the ONSCREEN mobile apps (available for iOS and Android).


Leading Gerontologist Joins Advisory Board

As the company commits to finding effective and long-lasting solutions to social isolation for older adults, it has enlisted the help of nationally accredited gerontologist, Kerry Burnight, PhD, who is joining the company’s Board of Advisors, effective immediately.  Dr. Burnight’s extensive experience working with older adults and technology companies that deliver solutions to this market will be a key advantage as ONSCREEN works to bring its solutions to the 60 million US based adults over the age of 65.  Dr. Burnight’s previous role as Chief Gerontology Officer for Grandpad gives her a unique and valuable perspective on applying high-tech solutions to solving real-world problems for older adults.

“When I first saw what ONSCREEN was building, I realized the huge opportunity that exists when tapping into technology that older adults are already familiar with, the TV.  In addition, the new cloud-based and AI-enabled technology that ONSCREEN is developing for their TV-based video calling platform has the potential to deliver a truly differentiated and effective senior caregiving experience,” states Dr. Burnight.


Founded during the onset of the COVID-19 pandemic in 2020, ONSCREEN, Inc. is on a mission to help family caregivers ensure a high quality of life for their beloved older family members, using innovative cloud and AI-based technology, paired with comfortable and accessible home technologies.  Please visit https://onscreeninc.com for more information about their senior video calling device.


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