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ONSCREEN Launches API and Enterprise Management Platform

ONSCREEN Launches API and Enterprise Management Platform

ORANGE COUNTY, Calif., Aug. 17, 2023 /PRNewswire-PRWeb/ -- ONSCREEN, the innovative developer of TV-based video calling and communication solutions for older adults, today announced a major expansion to its platform that includes the launch of a new API and the introduction of an enterprise-grade device management portal.

The newly released API gives ONSCREEN partners the ability to seamlessly integrate their services with ONSCREEN's innovative TV-based video calling platform. This enhancement is aimed at offering a simple, powerful solution for organizations seeking to incorporate TV-based video calling, automated wellness check-ins, TV-based messaging, automated video content delivery, and more into their suite of services.

The ONSCREEN API is a RESTful service enabling full user interaction control, from forming admin groups and managing user accounts, to controlling calls and sending personalized messages to the TV. Third-party services can establish administrative groups for structured user management, initiate/end calls for users, and improve interaction by sending tailored messages to each end-user. Detailed API documentation is available at https://developer.onscreeninc.com.

In addition to the API, ONSCREEN is launching Enterprise Manager, an administrative portal for large-scale deployments. The Enterprise Manager is designed for customers, such as large senior living facilities or in-home care companies, to efficiently manage their ONSCREEN deployments, including all end-user devices across any number of locations. For example, senior living facility managers can install an ONSCREEN device in each resident's room and then set-up, monitor, and control all devices, either individually or as a group, via one centralized dashboard, through the Enterprise Manager. This gives facility managers the ability to send individualized messages to each resident, do video-based check-ins, and utilize technology-based communication that requires no technical proficiency of the resident to participate and leverage the biggest screen in their room – the TV.

Building on the robust features of the current release, ONSCREEN plans to continue delivering high value to its customers and partners. Planned future capabilities include detailed usage and performance insights, real-time device status tracking, and AI capabilities. Also on the horizon is the ability to push video and image content, and other customized features to meet the dynamic needs of partners and end-users alike.


ONSCREEN is dedicated to improving the lives of older adults by making technology-based communication more accessible through its innovative TV-based video-calling solution for seniors. By leveraging the largest screen in the home, ONSCREEN enables effortless connection between older adults and their loved ones or caregivers, resulting in reduced loneliness and isolation and improved access to care. Key features include auto-answering of calls, daily wellness check-ins, and a cost-effective monthly subscription model. For more information, visit www.onscreeninc.com.


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