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Cooking with Friends on a TV Video Call

Cooking with Friends on a TV Video Call

With the world increasingly becoming a global village, remaining in touch with friends and loved ones is thankfully now much easier.

One of the most enjoyable and fun ways to have conversations with friends is to use TV video calling, which allows you to see and speak to each other in real time. 

If you are looking for a fun way to socialize with friends living in other countries, have you ever considered cooking together via a Zoom call on your TV?

Themed TV video calls have become extremely popular since the start of the Covid-19 pandemic and what better way to enjoy one another’s company than to have a delicious (virtual) meal together?

Here is how you can have fun cooking with your friends, no matter where they are located in the world!

Set up your kitchen and video calling screen

First things first, set up your kitchen and remove any obstructions so that your friends can clearly see you from the TV and see what you are doing.  Lighting is important so make sure that your kitchen is well-lit.

For some people, cooking to some of their favorite tunes may be an everyday thing. But we do suggest holding off on this, or turning the music down during your call as this could interfere with the sound quality of the video call.

Decide on a great recipe

Deciding on a great recipe is part of the fun. Making a region-specific dish is a fun way of learning more about the culture where your friend is living. For instance, if you are currently living in Italy, why not make a genuine Italian pasta dish and give your friends a taste of what you’re experiencing?

Remember not to make it too complicated or something containing ingredients that your friends will have trouble sourcing where they are located. 

Consider dressing up or having a theme to shake things up

To add an element of creativity to your virtual culinary call, everyone could dress up formally or dress according to a certain theme (eg. regional attire or the sports team that you all support).

Have fun preparing your dish

To maximize the quality time spent together, you might want to prepare the ingredients beforehand. For instance, do all the chopping of herbs and vegetable cutting before the TV video call so that you have plenty of time to chat and catch up.

When it’s time to make the recipe, you can help each other get it right and laugh at the different ways in which you do things!

Once the dish is simmering away or in the oven, you can sit back with a glass of your favorite wine and catch up with your friends.

Eat together

When your meal is finally ready, everyone can enjoy the experience of eating virtually together- it will be almost as if you are all in the same room and you won’t be able to wait until the next virtual cooking date!

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Fun STEAM Activities for Kids with TV Video Calling

Fun STEAM Activities for Kids with TV Video Calling

There is no doubt about it, the Covid-19 pandemic has changed the way we do things.

Where only one and a half years ago your kid was enjoying in-person play dates with friends, today many of these meet-ups take place over video calling services such as Zoom.

If your kid will soon be having a TV video calling date with friends, below are some fun educational STEAM (Science, Technology, Engineering and Math) for them to enjoy. As always, always make sure to be safe and have proper parental supervision when trying out activities with kids.

Build an Electromagnet

Learning about electricity and magnetism is incredibly interesting. Your kids can build their own electromagnet with some copper wire, a battery, electrical tape, and a nail.

Take an iron nail (around 3 inches), and wrap it tightly with the copper wire making sure not to overlap the wires. Leave around 10 inches of wire on each end. You can always cut the wire at the end to get your desired length. Attach one end of the wire to the positive end of the battery and the other end to the negative end. Secure them in place by utilizing some electrical tape.

Place some paperclips or other metal items and watch in amazement as the nail is turned into a magnet!


The Ultimate Science Project

Experimenting with a science project through video calls on your TV is great fun for kids! All you need for a simple apple oxidation project is (you guessed it) some sliced apple and a variety of different liquids.

Steam challenge on TV Video Calling

Lay the apple slices into individual cups or containers and soak them in your range of liquids. Make sure to label each cup accordingly. After several minutes, carefully remove each apple and you will be able to determine which liquids have caused the apples to brown. Below are a couple of ideas, but feel free to try anything else you can think of.

Ideas for liquids: Lemon juice, Orange juice, Water, Salt water (1 tbsp per cup), and Milk.


Binary Code Bracelet

A fun activity that ties in the future of technology! Making a binary code bracelet is a great way to introduce your children to binary code. Have them make a bracelet that spells out their name, best friend, a sibling or even the family pet.

You will need beads in 3 colors, some string or elastic, scissors and a binary code chart which can be printed out with a quick Google search.

One color will represent “0”, another will represent “1”, and the 3rd color will be the divider. Measure out the string according to the size you want, make a knot on one end and slide in the colors according to the binary chart and your name, placing a divider bead between each letter. Once finished, tie off the piece of string and you will have a pretty bracelet with a meaning!


Whether you are connecting with long distance loved ones, or simply having a fun STEAM TV Video calling play date. ONSCREEN is here to help you get started with our Spark TV Video calling device.

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