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Feature Preview: Daily Updates

We are very excited to announce the preview a brand new feature designed to help families keep in touch even when they’re not actively video calling: Daily Updates.

The Daily Update feature allows your Older Adult to record a 30 second video message, from their TV, at a specific time you set, on a regular basis.

Here’s how it works, in more detail:

  1. We will add you to the Program and you will then see a brand new “Caregiver” tab. In this case, we assume that you're a family caregiver to your older mother, who lives in another state.

  2. From this Tab, you will be able to Setup the Daily Update schedule, by selecting the days of the week for the update, and the time. For example, you can set up Monday, Wednesdays and Fridays at 11am.

  3. Once the schedule is set up, your mom's will turn on at the correct time, switch to the Spark, and prompt her with “How are you feeling?” and a 15 second countdown, to allow them to get ready.

  4. The recording will start, and continue for 30 seconds. Once the 30 seconds complete, the recording is ended and uploaded to our servers. You will then receive a notification, and you can open the ONSCREEN App to view the daily update, and see how your mom is doing.

We believe that this feature will make it easier to stay in touch with older loved ones, and alleviate some of the worry or concern that comes with caring for family that’s not near us. We’re also working on other new features that will also help with this.

So please let us know right away if you’d like to preview this feature before we roll it out to everyone else.


ONSCREEN September Release - Version 1.9.4

ONSCREEN September Release - Version 1.9.4

Hello there!

We're so excited to tell you about some great new tv video calling features we recently released in early September.  Our engineering team is constantly working to add new features, and capabilities, based on YOUR feedback, so please keep it coming!


New Favorites Feature

Want make it very easy to call Mom?  Just add her to Favorites!  With a couple of clicks, now you can add contacts to your Home screen, allowing you to easily call them any time.  Favorites should already have an ONSCREEN account, so we make it easy for you to send them an invitation text so they can download the app and register for the service.

Zoom Tab

We decided that we've built so much great Zoom functionality, that it should get it's own place in our navigation tab bar.  With this new organization, you can just tap over to the Zoom tab and Join and Start Zoom meetings on your TV all from one place.  Here in the Zoom tab, you'll also be able to easily see your logged in status, and now... your Zoom events!

Zoom Tab for ONSCREEN

Zoom Calendar Events

On the new Zoom tab, you're now able to give the ONSCREEN App permission to read your phone's calendar, and look for any Zoom meetings you might have scheduled for the day.  Our smart app will analyze the calendar events, determine if you're a host or a participant and make it very easy for you to join your Zoom meetings on the Spark with just one click!  If you're the host, the meeting will be started on your behalf, once you've logged in with your Zoom credentials.

Behind the Scenes Improvements

While not immediately obvious, we've upgraded our in-app navigation system so that moving from screen to screen is more natural and robust.  This makes it easier for us to add more features in the future, so while this may not immediately look like a feature to you, we guarantee that you'll benefit from it!

Got Suggestions or Ideas?

Send us an email to and let us know!