ONSCREEN Spark: TV Video Calling Smart Camera

$84.99 $99.99 saving $15.00
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ONSCREEN Spark: TV Video Calling Smart Camera

$84.99 $99.99 saving $15.00
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Be there, even when you can't be, with amazing TV Video Calls on your big screen TV, all controlled by your mobile smartphone.  Even Zoom meetings and calls are enabled on the ONSCREEN Spark, providing different calling options for you and your family.  Experience the ONSCREEN Spark smart camera and take video calling to the next level.

Includes these great video calling features:

  • Join Zoom meetings from your TV
  • Simple camera installation on your TV to allow easy TV Video calling
  • Easy set-up and control via ONSCREEN iOS or Android app
  • Secure end-to-end encryption for every call
  • Camera cover to ensure privacy
  • High-quality video and audio
  • 1:1 calls with loved ones
  • Group calls can connect up to 7 callers at a time (coming soon)
  • No account or hardware needed for the people you call
  • iOS, Android, and browser compatible
  • LIFETIME FREE SERVICE (Limited Time Offer)

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Built for Families

TV Video Calling will enable your friends and family to connect safely and securely through your biggest screen.  Connect with each other in a brand new way, feeling like you're virtually in the same room.  Take a load off on your couch while you visit with friends and family in the comfort of your living room.

Zoom on your TV

Even join a Zoom on your TV, and experience all of your virtual birthday parties, virtual happy hours, and other virtual gatherings in a completely new way.  Using our Zoom integration, you simply enter the meeting code and password, and you're on your way, seeing your friends and family on your big screen TV.

family enjoying a video call on their TV with zoom


Secure Video Calling on your TV

We made a pledge to be the most trusted video calling vendor out there. To ensure we deliver on this pledge, we have designed our product to be completely secure, private, and independent of social media account access.

Unlike other vendors, ONSCREEN does not use a social media account to connect with your friends and family. That means your conversations stay between you and your loved ones, and do not run the risk of being collected as user data for ads.

Every ONSCREEN call is secure with 128-bit industry standard end-to-end call encryption, meaning the audio and video are encrypted from your device to your contact's device. No one will ever be able to snoop in on your calls.

In addition to all of the technical and software security measures built into your product, ONSCREEN smart camera devices come equipped with a physical privacy lens cover to enable when your camera is not in use. Rest assured that no one can spy on you through our camera.

No Data Sharing

Other video calling vendors rely on collecting and using your data to make a profit. That is not how we do business. ONSCREEN will never collect or share your personal data or other information.

Call Others Who Don't have a Spark

In addition to video calls on your TV and joining Zoom meetings from your TV, the ONSCREEN App allows you to have video calls even when you're on the go, away from your home.  Simply call anyone you want through our secure app and get instantly connected, on iOS or Android.   And when you are home, you can call anyone you'd like -- ONSCREEN Spark device is NOT required on both sides.

Family having a tv video call with son on the go

Even if you're an Android user, you can easily have a video call with an iOS and vice versa, so no more jumping through hoops to connect with loved ones.  And unlike other large companies, who make their money by selling customer data and selling ads, we ensure that all of your calls are completely secure and private.  


Powerful 1080p Full-HD Webcam with Dual Microphone

We've built a very high quality webcam for our solution, to allow you to be seen and hear in crystal clear quality.  Using dual-microphones, the other party you're calling will be able to hear you the same if you're up close or up to 12 feet away.  Using our camera with the Spark base unit allows you to have video calls on your TV, but due to the USB connector on the Spark webcam, you are also able to take the camera and use it with your PCs and laptops as well, as needed.  

Other solutions charge close to $100 for a webcam of this quality -- with ONSCREEN, you get the webcam, and our entire TV video calling solution for less than that.

Value Added Accessories

When we designed the Spark, we wanted to provide customers with everything they could possibly need for their TV Video Calling experience.  This means including accessories that other products do not usually include, and that you have to pay extra for.  Inside the box, you will find:

  • HDMI cable - A 6.5 foot (2M) HDMI cable to connect the Base to one of your TV's HDMI ports.  This cable alone costs close to $20 at some electronic retail outlets!

  • Sticky Tape - Use this double sided tape if you want to mount the Base to the back of your TV so it can be kept out of sight.  It also allows you to firmly mount either the base or the webcam to the TV as needed.

  • Cable Twists - Use these convenient accessories to manage your cables for the aesthetic you're looking to achieve, keeping cables neat, tidy and out of isight.

These accessories would easily set you back close to $30, but we included them with the Spark, to give you a complete turn-key solution for your TV video calls.

Value, Security and Ease-of-Use

We truly hope that we've built a solution that gives you the best video calling experience on your TV, that's secure, easy to use, and affordable!

Purchase the ONSCREEN Spark today and experience your family video calls in a whole new way!

Customer Reviews

Based on 12 reviews
Mark Lippitt
Improvements Needed

It's great to have a video calling solution that's not tied to a social media platform.
We are using the Onscreen to communicate via Zoom with a Facebook Portal TV.
This works but the Onscreen could use some enhancements to its Zoom integration.
On the top of my list would be integration of the Zoom Contacts list so that the Onscreen user can receive and initiate video calls from Zoom's Contacts page.
Also there should be local camera control so that the Onscreen user can zoom/pan/tilt their own camera.
The Facebook Portal TV can initiate and receive video calls via the Zoom Contacts list and provides camera control.
I look forward to future revisions of the Onscreen system

Jeremy Lopez
Does it's job

The onscreen unit worked well for my company's Town Hall style meeting. We call through Zoom and it worked great. Occasionally, we encounter issues pairing with the screen and I wish there was more options to customize the view but overall satisfied with the product.

Mark Harris
Onscreen experience

We have enjoyed using onscreen to stay connected to our family during COVID-19. We also live 1hour away and look forward to seeing our family more often. We found the set up to be easy with no problems especially since we are seniors. We found the video to be clear but had some audio problem. After calling our contact back the issue was resolved and everything worked great. This has been a wonderful experience.


I’ve really enjoyed experiencing a connection with our family during the pandemic. It’s so wonderful to see my grandchildren on a large screen, although on occasions the volume has not been always been clear.

Wendy Kay
Mother and daughter stay in touch during Covid-19 illness

Our family loves Onscreen! When our daughter contracted Covid-19, she had to leave our granddaughter in our care. Having the big screen to communicate made all the difference. I love the fact that you can call someone from your contacts, and it is easy to use!