Keep your older loved ones connected
with video calls, reminders, telehealth and 
companionship on their TV.

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ONSCREEN connects older adults and their families, easily and safely through the use of the TV. 
We make it easy to get connected and stay connected better than ever before.

Take a look at how we're helping older adults stay connected.

TV Based Video Calling for Seniors

Using the TV screen, older adults can enjoy lifelike conversations with family (especially those cute grandchildren), friends, and even medical providers.

ONSCREEN simplifies video calls by eliminating complicated devices and confusion about what to do.

When it’s this easy to connect, calls to loved ones can happen much more frequently!

Video Calling Designed to be Senior-Friendly

Technology can be confusing for anybody… especially as we age. That's why we designed ONSCREEN to be super simple and senior-friendly, using the TV, a technology they are already familiar with and have in the house! Plus, the large TV screen provides a BIG PICTURE view and makes it easy for them to see you and your family’s smiling faces.

Easy Video Calling for Seniors

You call from your mobile device, and their TV answers…automatically!

Video Calling for Seniors with Auto-Answer

ONSCREEN TV-based video calling is perfect for checking in on loved ones!

Our easy-to-use solution:

  • Turns the TV on (if it's off)
  • Automatically switches from a TV show to connect the call
  • Automatically connects the call
  • Returns the TV back to the TV show it was on before the call
  • Can even turn off the TV when done

ONSCREEN is easy to set up, and even easier to use

1. Plug the ONSCREEN unit into your loved one’s TV
2. Download and set up the app on your phone
3. Complete the WiFi setup for the device on the TV
4. Make a call to them from your smartphone

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Are you an organization that supports older adults? 

In Senior Living, we can improve resident and family engagement, while reducing staff burnout.  ROI is achieved in months across multiple metrics.

In Healthcare, we can reduce risks and improve outcomes for Value Based Care.  We also remove all friction from Telehealth visits, and can help implement RTM solutions.

For AAAs and non-profits, we can reduce isolation and loneliness, while improving the engagement with programs.  Remove barriers to services and improve outcomes.

But wait... ONSCREEN is more than video calls.

Our services offers more than video calls and communication.  With all the features we offer, you get peace of mind and comfort that your loved one is thriving.

Automated Health Check-Ins

Automated Answering

YouTube Video Sharing

Video Messages from your Loved One

HD Video Calling with Family

Join Zoom from TV with Ease

Text Messaging to the TV

Great Customer Support


Senior AI Companion

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Older adults often feel isolated and lonely… and that’s bad for their health.

CDC has shown these significant risks in people experiencing loneliness and social isolation:

  • Increased risk of premature death from all causes
  • 50% increased risk of dementia
  • 29% increased risk of heart disease
  • 32% increased risk of stroke

But here's the good news: ONSCREEN works to help reduce these health risks! How?

Video calls make a big difference on the well-being of older adults

In a recent survey of our users, 62% reported an increase in happiness in their loved one, with an average increase of 48%.

84% of users believe that there was a decrease in loneliness for their older loved ones once they started using ONSCREEN.

But don’t take our word for it, read how our customers love how we help them stay connected.

Sign up to watch a live webinar and Q&A

Get an in-depth presentation about how ONSCREEN works, and have your questions answered LIVE by one of our product experts.

What's Included in our solution for aging older adults

ONSCREEN Spark Video Calling Device

The ONSCREEN Smart Device

The ONSCREEN smart device attaches to the TV using the provided HDMI cable, and connects your loved one’s existing WiFi. The built-in 1080p HD quality camera captures a wide angle of the room with four far-field microphones to pick up all the action

The ONSCREEN Mobile App

The free mobile app, compatible with iOS and Android smartphones and tablets, is used to:

1. Complete the set-up of the ONSCREEN device
2. Make video calls to the older adult’s TV
3. Invite others to be able to call your loved one
4. Configure and use all the features of the product

Free Video Calling for Seniors

Important: The Mobile app is NOT required for the older adult to receive and make calls. 
Only the older loved one needs the ONSCREEN Smart Device.  Everyone else can use the mobile app.


Simple Remote

Available in our new Moment PLUS package: Optional Remote Control for seniors, designed to be super simple with intuitive color coding and minimal buttons. With just one press, seniors can video call loved ones, explore free shows on Pluto TV, engage with our AI Companion, or initiate a heartfelt "Check-In" video message. This tool not only simplifies technology but also empowers our senior users, bridging the gap between communication and entertainment.

Learn how we help your loved ones.

From being able to check in at any time with a loved one, to COVID-safe family gatherings on your loved one’s biggest screen, ONSCREEN provides many benefits. Read on to learn of all the ways you can use our technology to improve the health and well-being of your aging loved ones.

Learn more about benefits to older adults

ONSCREEN is designed for older adults who:

  • Struggle with technology and devices
  • Have trouble remembering how to do things
  • Have a hard time hearing a phone ring
  • Have a hard time moving fast enough to answer a call
  • Have physical challenges such as Arthritis or Parkinson’s
  • Are beginning to show signs of memory loss or early stage dementia

Is ONSCREEN for your loved ones?

We've prepared a simple quiz with just a few questions that will help you determine if ONSCREEN is for you.

Take our 1 minute quiz to find out!

Busy families need ONSCREEN

We all WANT to go visit the older loved ones in our lives but let’s face it, life is busy! Work, school, kids…so many commitments!

Good news! Gather the kids (and the dog) and open the ONSCREEN app on your phone or tablet. Loved ones with an ONSCREEN device will receive the call on their TV. It’s the next best thing to being there in person.

Learn more about benefits to older adults

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