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2023 Round-up: A year of amazing progress!

2023 Round-up: A year of amazing progress!

As the CEO of ONSCREEN, I'd like to share a summary of our remarkable achievements in 2023. Each milestone reflects our commitment to enhancing senior care through innovative technology:

January - CES 2023: We started the year with insights from CES 2023, focusing on the growing importance of AgeTech and how it shapes our approach to enhancing senior care.  The growing AgeTech space signals the massive opportunity available in supporting our growing aging population, and the excitement around the application of latest technologies for this great cause.

March - Launch of ONSCREEN "Moment": In March, we proudly introduced "Moment," our all-in-one video calling solution, specifically designed to simplify connectivity for seniors.  This release replaced our old hardware, the “Spark” and brought to market an all-in-one solution for supporting seniors at home, through their TVs.  The combination of camera, microphones and CPU, in an all-in-one solution for keeping seniors connected brings tremendous potential to how our aging population can age at home, and reduce isolation, loneliness and have better access to healthcare.

AprilSimplifying Communication: We launched the One-Button Call feature for the ONSCREEN Moment, making it easier for seniors to connect with their loved ones and caregivers.

May - TV Compatibility Insights: We shared valuable information about TVs that are compatible with the ONSCREEN Moment, ensuring a seamless experience for our senior users.

July - Affiliate Program and Video Calling Device Review: In July, we launched our Affiliate Program, and also provided a comprehensive review of various video calling devices for seniors, aiding in informed decision-making.

August - New API and Platform: We announced an innovative API and Enterprise Management Platform, opening new avenues for partnerships and enhancing our service offerings.  These APIs allow deeper and greater integration into 3rd party systems, allowing ONSCREEN to support an ever-growing list of partners.  Using it, we partnered with several Telehealth companies, like Doxy.me, as well as creating new opportunities in the senior living space.

September - We introduced "Joy," our AI companion designed to provide emotional support to seniors, marking a significant step in our journey.  Now, using the TV, voice and an LLM powered AI companion, seniors can be less lonely, and have access to cutting-edge AI in the home.  This can be used for staying in touch with family, playing games, and better access to healthcare, all through the TV.

October - We started rolling out our new PLUS feature set to new customers, which brings them the new ONSCREEN Simple Remote, Pluto TV video streaming option, and Joy.  The new remote brings one-click access to calling family, sending video updates, accessing Joy, and watching hundreds of TV channels through Pluto TV.

November - Messaging Update: We rolled out a robust messaging update, allowing users to share images and videos directly on senior's TVs, further bridging the communication gap.  Now older adults can more easily stay in touch with family, all through their TV.

December - Tasks & Routines for Joyh: This incredible update now allows Caregivers to create reminders or simple tasks for Joy and the ONSCREEN device.  For example, caregivers can automate daily reminders that will show up on the TV on the specific time designed.  Or they can set up Joy to visit a loved one on a daily basis.  These set of powerful capabilities can deliver peace of mind to Caregivers, and delight loved ones.

These milestones are not just achievements, but steps towards a future where technology enhances the lives of seniors, making every day easier and more connected.  I am extremely proud of what our team has accomplished this year, and are very excited about what 2024 has to offer!

Happy New Year,



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